SCARS Weekly Update, Post Elections (yes, plural) Edition, November 10, 2014

November Meeting Recap

SCARS met as the Committee of the Whole and actually made wise decisions. The proposed ByLaw changes which passed the first of the required two votes last month was again passed at the November meeting and so was approved. This cleared the way for Elections.

Vice President, Phil – KD5UGO, was elevated to the office of President for 2015.

For the office of President-Elect, there were two candidates: Harold – KD5IFN, and Rodney – KF5UZA. Both candidates gave short campaign speeches. The vote was very close, and Harold was elected as President-Elect. Chris – KE5JZN was re-elected Secretary, and Doug – WX5DF was re-elected Treasurer. They were both unopposed. Congratulations to all!

K7RA Propagation Forecast

The bands were pretty busy. Read it here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.51.53 PM

Real-time data in left sidebar at

US Amateur Population, and more

The map is not much, but scroll down for data by state. How many Hams.

DStar Stuff

Local interest DStar reflector (per Larry, I think – sorry if not): Monday, 9PM, Reflector 52b.

SCARS Happenings. Hamfests, Repeater Info, Net Schedules, Links.

More Amateur Radio News from around the Web!

Check back during the week for updates

73, de Gary, …_._

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