SCARS Weekly Update, November 17, 2014

Ken Gastgeb, AC5AP, Silent Key

Ken passed away on Friday. He had been inactive for a number of years, but previously was very active in Club activities, and was always present when it came time for VE sessions. Ken was a very modest man and what I learned from his obituary explained so very much about he and his life. We were so very much richer for having him around, but now, much poorer.

Mark, N5HZR, let me know that Ken’s Memorial Service will be 10am Wednesday at University Lutheran Church & Student Center. Elm Street, just south of Lindsey.

The link below includes info about HF propagation, equipment reviews, hamfests within 250 miles of Norman, contesting results, V/UHF equipment, list of ARRL news, software, boatanchors, and yet even more News aggregators.

Go and browse!

SCARS Links for November 17, 2014

73 de Gary, WB5ULK, …_._

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