SCARS Weekly Newsletter – November 24, 2014

Pearl Harbor Ceremony online & Remote Ham Radio

Tom, KH6AAA/5, sent links out to several of us this week which I thought I’d share.

The first is regarding the annual Pearl HarborCeremony held each December 7th. You can watch it live online, but you have to pre-register. From the National Park Service:

We are excited to announce that the registration page for the Live Broadcast of this year’s December 7 Ceremony is now live. This broadcast will not only include viewing of the main ceremony, but a short behind the scenes look hosted by VALR employee, Kelsea Holbrook. It will feature interviews with Pearl Harbor Survivors, archival photos and much more! Please post this where you see fit and tell family and friends to make sure and register to watch this momentous event. A formal press release will be going out soon!

Audience URL:

The second one is info sent to a Hawaii Amateur Club’s membership about their working the 50 State W1AW event remotely through one of their member’s station. Pretty cool tech, similar of which was also highlighted recently in QST:

The second week of the W1AW/KH6 operation is scheduled for the Dec 16th thru the 23rd.

 We’ve been given the  opportunity to operate Randy Young’s station, KH6IB, remotely from our home QTHs using just a PC to control the station.   If you are interested in operating in this prestigious ARRL event and at the same time would like to learn about this new remote HF station technology, read the details at,


No software has to be installed.  The station is controlled and operated from your Internet browser. Either Windows or MACs can be used.

To see what it is all about, take a look at the YouTube video that is a good overview of station operation.

Thanks again to Tom for the info!

Skywarn Recognition Day

I know that most all of us are focused on Thanksgiving Week activities now, but I want you to put an event on your Operating Calendar: Skywarn Recognition Day, 00z December 6 (Friday evening) until 00z December 7. This event has happened each year since 1999 the first weekend in December and basically involves contacting a number of National Weather Service-related stations from Alaska to Miami and Maine to Hawaii. This year, the local station will be operated as WX5NWC by a number of folks who are affiliated with the Weather Center on Campus as well as members of the Oklahoma Student Amateur Radio Club, W5TC. A number of the NWS offices will also be operating EchoLink and IRLP stations as well.

Yes, I am aware that weekend is the OU/OSU game, but you can carve out some time in the middle of the night for this! If you’ve never heard of this event before, then shame on me, but you can read, and learn more, about it at the following link:

Where in the World is SCARS?

We are just not an email or PO Box, we are all over. You can find our various places in the right sidebar under Categories. Click on “Where to find us”. Our Homepage, Repeater Blog, Social Media, and email are all right there.

SCARS Extra Links for this week

For those of you who are members of the SCARS Facebook group or who Follow SCARS on Twitter, none of what is included below will be new to you, but using the template, I curate info which is auto-included in a news digest that I post to these two Social Network communities early each morning (unless I’m fortunate enough to sleep-in, then I do it later). I’ve gone back through this past week’s posts and selected some of what I feel are this week’s highlights. Former FCC employee Riley Hollingsworth discussing how enforcement has changed, a couple of equipment reviews, and the K7RA Solar Update are just a few of the items included.

Click the link for what I’ll just refer to as SCARS Lagniappe (extras):

Have a great Thanksgiving!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._


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