SCARS Weekly Update, First Monday of December, 2014

SCARS Christmas Banquet

If you do not already have it on your calendar, you should make certain that you attend this year’s at the Golden Corral in Norman on Tuesday December 9th. We’ll go through the line and then proceed to the backroom set aside for us. This year we will be recognizing the 14 year long Presidential term of Bill Lockett. Bring a gender appropriate gift which cost no more than $10.

Skywarn Recognition Day

Skywarn Recognition Day is this Friday and Saturday beginning at 00z December 6 (Friday evening) until 00z December 7. This event has happened each year since 1999 the first weekend in December and basically involves contacting a number of National Weather Service-related stations from Alaska to Miami and Maine to Hawaii. This year, the local station will be operated as WX5NWC by a number of folks who are affiliated with the Weather Center on Campus as well as members of the Oklahoma Student Amateur Radio Club, W5TC. A number of the NWS offices will also be operating EchoLink and IRLP stations as well.

More information about this event is available at

Where in the World is SCARS?

We are just not an email or PO Box, we are all over. You can find our various places in the right sidebar under Categories. Click on “Where to find us”. Our Homepage, Repeater Blog, Social Media, and email are all right there.

This Week’s SCARS Langiappe.

These include modernizing ARES, predicting solar flares, working on a 1500 foot TV tower, two single band QRP kits, links to PDF versions of Popular Electronics from the beginning, a tour of the old WLW transmitter, and much more.

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