The K7RA Solar Update – 2014-01-09

I’m posting this today because there is some very timely information included in the first few paragraphs. And as always, there is some really juicy information toward the end, maps of a big 6 meter opening, as well as great, new links to explore.

See you at SCARS meeting tomorrow!



All solar activity indicators rose this week: sunspot numbers, solar flux and geomagnetic indices.

On January 7 the interplanetary magnetic field tipped south, opening a crack to admit solar wind. This triggered the largest geomagnetic storm since September 2014. That same day the planetary A index jumped to 38, pushing the average for the week to 17.7. The previous seven days (the final seven days of 2014) the average planetary A index was 13.9.

Average daily sunspot numbers on the first week of January were 108.1, compared to 102.9 in the final seven days of 2014. Likewise, average daily solar flux increased from 134.9 to 144.7.

The latest prediction has solar flux at 160 on January 9, 165 on January 10-11, 170 on January 12, 175 on January 13-14, 180 on January 15, then 170, 165, 160, 155, 145, 140 and 135 January 16-22, and reaching a minimum at 130 on January 23-27. Solar flux then rises to a maximum of 175 on February 8-11. The January 15 flux at 180 is the highest predicted solar flux for at least the next 45 days.

via The K7RA Solar Update.

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