SCARS Weekly Newsletter, January 12th, 2015

Saturday Club Meeting items

New President Phil took the “gavel” on Saturday and ran a nice meeting and even did a presentation at the end. There were other things mentioned during the meeting that I thought I’d follow-up with a bit of in-print info:

Gossip Net: Many, if not most, of you who do not participate in the Tuesday Evening ARES Net are unaware that Loren, NJ3D, runs what is known at “The Gossip Net” immediately following the ARES Net. It’s fashioned much like many HF nets where folks check-in up front, and then Loren starts calling on folks to talk about whatever is on their mind that evening, then passes the floor to the next person on the list. Loren tells us that sometimes they get around 3 times before the folks start checking-out. They’ve run as late as 9:30 some nights. You should join them! Immediately after the ARES net on the VHF repeater which ends sometime around 8:15 to 8:30 depending on the agenda.

Gateway 160 Meter Radio Newsletter on 1860 Khz:  This is copiable in Norman on many Saturdays. A radio news show which runs from 10am Saturday until, usually, 3:30am Sunday. More info and links can be found here:

Presidential Appointments: President Phil made the following appointments to the Executive Board:

WG5T, Bill – Member-at-Large, KF5OZT, Don – CORA Rep, N5UWY, Peter – Trustee, WB5ULK, Gary – Assistant Trustee

Appreciation from St. Lucia QRP Expedition Team: KD5SRW, John, brought a personal word of thanks for SCARS support for the 2014 St. Lucia QRP DXpedition. He passed out a QSL card to each of the attendees in appreciation and spoke about what happened and the plans for this year. SCARS voted to again support this DXpedition with a $100 donation. Look for more info about this as plans are solidified.

LInk to antenna that Phil referenced in his presentation Saturday: Fence Fan Dipole –

Amazon Bucks Back to the Club: Loren, NJ3D, reminded us that “Amazon Smile” is the easiest way to get cash back to the Club. Adam has had the 4 links on the webpage for a couple of years now, but Amazon Smile just makes it automatic until YOU change it and it does not cost you any more. Here’s how:

HF Available For All

Might be a little misleading, but technically not. If you are a licensed Amateur in the United States, you have available to you HF spectrum to use in 10 Meters. The entire spectrum, data&phone, between 28.000 Mhz and 28.500 Mhz is available to all. The only difference is that those with less than a General Class license must restrict their power output to 200 watts or less. N5UWY, Peter, operated the entire ARRL RTTY Round-up on 10 Meters since his multi-band antenna was inop. Here are Peter’s results and remarks:

Made 259 QSOs, all on 10 m RTTY, and worked the following:
23 states plus DC, 6 Canadian provinces, 14 DX entities.

“The bands are dead.”  “You need a General license to find DX.”  Hooey.  100W and 16′ of wire about 25′ off the ground.

The contacts are there. Get On The Air!

Various Links from around the Internet (links are live):

K7RA Soiar Update

I sent this on Friday, but linking to it again

The K7RA Solar Update.

ARRL Lab Receives a Major Upgrade – Thanks to Tektronix

Alan Wolke, W2AEW, Senior Applications Engineer for Tektronix Corporation, visited ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut on January 6, 2015 to introduce the ARRL Laboratory Engineers to their new Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, model MDO4104B-3, which is being donated to the ARRL by Tektronix.

Alan, an ARRL Life Member, arranged for the donation. The dual function instrument has a bandwidth of 1 GHz, 5 GS/s for time domain measurements and can make frequency domain measurements up to 3 GHz. The MDO4104B-3 replaces the ARRL Lab’s Tektronix TDS-3052B, a 500 MHz storage oscilloscope. This new addition substantially upgrades the Lab’s measurement capabilities. (more at link with pictures)

via ARRL Lab Receives a Major Upgrade – Thanks to Tektronix.


It’s that time of year again – yes, SCARS dues are due. Info to re-up (or begin a new membership) in SCARS can be found here:

Now, I’m going to get up on my Soapbox for a little bit:

There are a number of you who are SCARS Members who are not members of The American Radio Relay League (ARRL). I know all the arguments, used some of them myself for a few years: “too expensive”, “they can’t do anything to help my situation”, “I still hate The League for their stance on CW”. Let’s address those in reverse order:

1- CW: Get over it. Many of you subscribe to W3BE’s hatred of no-code. While I have mixed emotions, it is settled. For good or evil, code is not part of the requirements to obtain an Amateur License. CW does still have a place, but no-code is the “law of the land”, it’s done and there’s no going back.

2- “The ARRL can’t help me”: One of the prime reasons the ARRL exists is to lobby – both the FCC and Congress. If you have a better idea and deep enough pockets, have at it, but The League is Our Hobby’s voice inside The Beltway.

3- “Too expensive”: I call “Bull”, and you know it. You very likely spend more for coffee or soft drinks in one month than the annual membership cost. 100 feet of good coax and connectors cost more than an annual membership.

Membership in the ARRL supports lobbying, research, testing, Volunteer Examiners, gets you the monthly print edition (unless you waive it), digital access to each new monthly issues and archival access to all past issues of QST, and much more. There ARE other publications which cost an additional amount, but like any good hobby, if those specialties are in your wheelhouse, you’ll add those to your list as well. I have not added any as yet.

You can join the League here:, or talk with Treasurer WX5DF, Doug, and he can help you out as well.

Do you have reasons to NOT join The League which are not addressed here? Great. Send them to me at Let’s talk.

/sig WB5ULK

As always, where we are and what’s going on regularly are in the top link bar and on the side. You have a good story or just an interest? Send those to me at

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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