SCARS Weekly Newsletter, January 26, 2015

“Antenna Work Weather” early this week!

Once you’ve done some mid-Winter repairs here are some local items of interest to pass the cooler and hopefully wetter weather which we’ll have late in the week.

DX Countries heard on PSK31 from EM15ff during last two weeks.

DX Countries heard on PSK31 from EM15ff during last two weeks.

This is truly Radio Geek material – AM radio broadcast patterns!

The 2015 US and Canadian mediumwave broadcast pattern reference is now available for download. You’ll find the links on my web blog, RADIO-TIMETRAVELLER:

I’ve spent much of the last year working on mediumwave pattern mapping. The updated maps presented many challenges.

Note: you must be online to view the maps!

Download the two .zips (one is daytime, one nighttime), unzip them to a folder of your choice, and click on the frequency files. Daytime groundwave and nighttime skywave maps are included.

Maps are GoogleMap-based, HTML-driven maps showing the most current pattern plots of all licensed US and Canadian mediumwave broadcast stations from 530 – 1700 KHz. The set includes all frequencies for the indicated services: Unlimited, Daytime, Nighttime, and Critical Hours. Individual maps are grouped by channel frequency: 540, 550, 560 KHz, etc.

Data for the pattern plots in this offering is based on the current FCC and Industry Canada databases available at the time of its creation (January 22, 2015).

Hope you enjoy! Good DX!



Greater Houston Hamfest

Press Release

January 23, 2015 – Houston, Tx
Houston Hamfest Completes Roster of Speakers
The Greater Houston Hamfest announced it had filled its roster of presenters for the 14th annual event on March 28, 3015.

“This is the greatest list of speakers I can remember”, said Nathan Vessey Chairman of the event. This year, we have extended hours this year, until 4 PM to accommodate the expanded speaker list.

The list of Speakers announced today includes
1. Featured Speaker – Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT, Nobel Laureate and inventor of JT65, WSJT, :Dxing with Weak Signals

2. Keynote Speaker – Norm Fusaro, W3IZ ARRL Membership programs, Logbook of The World

3. Dr. David Woolweaver K5RAV & John Stratton, N5AUS Director and Vice Directors of ARRL West Gulf Division

4. Dr. Pat Reiff, W5TAR, Rice University, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University; Associate Director for Public Outreach; Rice Space Institute, Space Weather

5. Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, CQ Magazine Kit Building Editor

6. Remote Ham Radio operation – Three Different approaches to remote control. – Pat Cameron KJ5Y, Nizar Mullani K0NM, Matt Tatro K5NGU

7. Jeff Hoke, Center Point Energy –What the power company does to help Hams.

8. Rick Hiller, W5RH, All about SWR – Seeing Watts Reflected

9. Alan Isaachsen, KB2WF – D-STAR in Houston

10. Bob Hawkins KD5AT – Rolling the DICE on your Ham Radio Investment (Insurance)

11. Travis Burgess, K5HTB & Glen Jenkins, WB4KTF – QRP Radio with the incredible Yaesu FT-817

12. Allen Mattis, N5AFV and Andy McAllister Amsat Corporation – Ham Radio in Space – Satellites and Weather Balloons

13. Ken Miller, W5KAM/ AAA6TXX – Army MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) Introduction to Texas Army MARS.

14. Steven Meissner – American Red Cross – Regional Disaster Director

New activity this year –The CW Pileup contest. How well can you copy code in a pile up? A special prize will be awarded for the winner.

We are running ahead of last year in table sales, so if you are planning to get a table to sell, don’t wait till the last minute.

Make your plans to visit the Greater Houston Hamfest This year March 28th 7 AM (Tailgate Section opens) till 4 PM Fort Bend County Fairgrounds, 4310 Texas 36 Rosenberg, Texas 77471

Ron, K5HM

Tornado Forecasting Workshop

OKLAHOMA CITY —The Storm Prediction Center and the University of Oklahoma’s Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society has partnered to offer a tornado forecasting workshop series.

The severe weather workshop will be led by Storm Predictions Center lead forecaster Rich Thompson. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays starting at 7:30 p.m. at the National Weather Center, in Norman, Oklahoma.

Even though the workshop is open to the public, it will also be streamed live online for those who cannot attend in person.

Here is the current schedule:10952133_10153615041009922_2445331018014897428_n

  • Feb. 3, Sounding analysis and synoptic meteorology (lifted parcels, Q-G theory, etc.)
  • Feb. 10, Severe storm ingredients (low-level moisture and lapse rates)
  • Feb. 17, Severe storm ingredients (vertical shear and lift)
  • Mar. 3, Supercell and tornado conceptual models (plus composite parameters)
  • Mar. 10, Tornado patterns (synoptic and mesoscale)
  • Mar, 24, Convective mode forecasting (squall lines vs. discrete cells)
  • Apr. 7, Tornado parameter climatology (spatial and temporal distributions of CAPE and shear)
  • Apr. 14, Numerical models and statistical techniques (convective schemes and post processing)
  • Apr. 21, Real-time forecasting exercise

 Editor’s Note:

I would strongly suggest that if you have a good enough internet connection to be able to watch Youtube videos, that you stay at home and do so during these sessions. My personal expectation is that the curious general public will flock to the first session or two of this event thinking that it will be a succession of cool pictures and chase videos, but this will really be a layman’s deep-dive on the subject. While I do not expect he will discuss in-depth Quasi-Geostrophic theory in week one, I do believe that Rich will walk off into some deep water. That said, if you get the gist of RF propagation at HF frequencies, you’ll be able to follow his presentations. The link is here and will only be live when the event starts:

Amateur Radio News Headlines from the Past Week

(blue text indicates active links — will open in new window)

The K7RA Solar Update

Shared by ARRL – Average daily sunspot numbers for January 15-21 dropped 50.7 points relative to the previous seven days, to 61.9. Average daily solar flux declined from 151.3 to 126.2. For the past ten days sunspo…

ARRL Board Okays Changes to DXCC Program, VHF and Above Contesting Rules

Shared by ARRL – The ARRL Board of Directors has tweaked the DX Century Club (DXCC) rules to clarify and expand their recognition of remotely controlled station technology. It also has added a rule that puts greate…

EP6T Team Pleads for “More Respect” from Operators

Shared by ARRL – The EP6T DXpedition team now on Iran’s Kish Island (IOTA AS-166) has implored operators hoping to work the rare DXCC entity to show more respect and exhibit better operating manners. The EP6T team …

Fox-1A Satellite Launch Date Launch Set for August

Shared by ARRL – AMSAT has announced that its Fox-1A satellite will launch on August 27 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 National Reconnaissance Office flight. Fox-1A …

 Local Amateur News gleaned from Google

Amateur radio group shines in times of disaster Featured

Daily Mountain Eagle9 hours ago
They’re all in a day’s work for local amateur radio enthusiasts. In an age of cell phones and the Internet, a technology that was already in use …

Ham Radio Key to Community Survival

The MissourianJan 22, 2015
Ham radio has captured the attention of a sustainable-community guru who says a community’s ability to sustain itself depends first on its ability …

Amateur Radio Club Connects Miami Students With Space Station

StateImpact FloridaJan 15, 2015Share

Dade Radio Club of Miami president Miguel Garate kept signaling the space station. “NA1SS, NA1SS, this is Richmond Heights. Over,” Garate …

Amateur radio club sets refresher course

Waterloo Cedar Falls CourierJan 17, 2015

INDEPENDENCE — This March the Buchanan County Amateur Radio Club will offer a refresher class for those wishing to get an amateur radio …

Amateur Radio Repeater Debate Draws Sparks

The MissourianJan 19, 2015

The mayor and a citizen got into a shouting match over delays in installing a digitalamateur radio repeater. The repeater was purchased in …

Ham radio to FCC: don’t let Marriott mess with our bands!

Radio SurvivorJan 12, 2015
Wi-Fi blocking? Amateur radio operators are weighing in on the hotel industry’s petition to the Federal Communications Commission asking for …

That’s enough for this week. As always…Nets, Links, Other Stuff in the link at the top AND in the sidebar. Have a great week!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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