FLDigi Training Close by!

See info quoted below. I know nothing about this beyond what is in the message. Contact information is lacking, but calls are given and you can ferret-out their emails as easily as I. Nonetheless, a good opportunity to learn.

73 de Gary

Thanks to Jeff Scoville AE5ME, there will be FLDIGI training February 7
from noon to 6 p.m. at the Oklahoma City Police and Fire Academy, 850
North Portland Avenue.

The training is free and is sponsored by the Tulsa Digital Radio Club.

“Fldigi is a computer program intended for Amateur Radio Digital Modes
operation using a PC (Personal Computer). Fldigi operates (as does most
similar software) in conjunction with a conventional High Frequency
Single Sideband radio transceiver, and uses the PC sound card as the
main means of input from the radio, and output to the radio. These are
audio-frequency signals. The software also controls the radio by means
of another connection, typically a serial port.”

According to Stan Bradley, KS5B, the training will also be available
through the services of the Tuttle First Baptist Church.  “Look for the
FLDIGI icon after connecting”

For more information, one may contact Jeff, AE5ME regarding FLDIGI and
Stan, KS5B regarding the training feed.

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