ARES Net Report, 4/14/2015 – Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Submitted by WX5MOR (thanks Gayland!)
31 check-ins, which included 2 courtesy.

3 announcements:  W5DOH with information on the Monday 6m net; NJ3D with info on the Gossip Net; and WG5T with info on the Wednesday 10m net.

Training was by Gayland with 5 observations from the March 25th wind/tornado event in Moore:

  1. Spotters are critical

  2. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are issued for a reason

  3. Need to have your radio procedures in writing.  We didn’t and our new operator didn’t know to do a roll call when releasing the spotters…and one didn’t hear the message (called us two hours later asking if he could go home)

  4. We still have people that self-deploy.

  5. Not all available resources will be needed in every emergency

Net concluded at 8:31 pm.

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