SCARS Weekly Newsletter, June 1, 2015

The SCARS Schedule for the Month of June . . .
New Feature – Ham College . . .
Ham-Com 2015 . . .
What is Field Day . . .
Photos from Dayton Hamvention’s Flea Market . . .
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles _…_._

The SCARS Schedule for the Month of June

It’s not a Trick Question, but there are some changes this month because of Ham-Com in Irving. And for certain we should not forget Field Day. Here’s the skinny:

Every Monday – KD5JSD Memorial 6 meter net run by Allan, W5DOH – 8pm local – 50.200 Mhz USB
Every Tuesday – Cleveland County ARES Net – 8pm local – 147.06 FM, 141.3 CTCSS, rollcall, training
Every Tuesday – Gossip Net – immediately following ARES Net – run by Loren, NJ3D, round-table
Every Wednesday – N5HZX Memorial 10m Net (Fred’s Net) – run by various – 8pm local – 28.445 USB +/-
Saturday, June 6 – no OFFICIAL Club activities. Use this day to put your Field Day gear in order (if not already)
Saturday, June 13 – NO SCARS Meeting – Ham-Com, Irving, Texas –
Saturday, June 20 – SCARS Monthly Meeting, delayed due to Ham-Com, 9:30, FS#7, Norman
Saturday, June 27 – ARRL Field Day, SCARS Location – Reaves Park, Norman, setup begins 8AM
Sunday, June 28 – ARRL Field Day ends at 1pm local – all-hands needed for tear down (more detail in future edition)

New Feature – Ham College

A couple of Hams a LOT smarter than me have put together a series of Youtube vids called “Ham College”. Those of you who are a bit inquisitive will find the rest of them, but over the next several weeks I’ll link the next one in the series. The first one is about Amateur radio terms (what is an ‘Elmer’?), building stuff, and talking about questions from the Technician Pool Exam. Some of us could use a review from time to time.

Episode 1 –

Ham-Com 2015

If you have not already gotten your Ham-Com tickets, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Sooo much will be happening there. I would miss your favorite event, so you should just download their brochure and peruse it for yourself:

What is Field Day

Good question. It’s a lot of things.

It’s practicing for when WE need to go into the field to DO OUR THING, which is COMMUNICATE. To support a community partner during a disaster in our community, a neighboring community, or some other state if the situation warrants.
It is Fellowship.
It is Food.
It is Mentoring.
It is Public Relations.
It is Competition.
It is sharpening your operating axe.
It is solving problems on the fly.
It is Fun.

By the way, “Field Day” is not just us (US), it is MANY National Amateur Radio entities:
But, as far as the U.S. is concerned, this pretty much describes much of what happens at Field Day in a more coherent manner than what I said above:

Photos from Dayton Hamvention’s Flea Market

Some of you collectors may have a bit of a conniption at what you missed if you didn’t go, but here it is anyway:

For those who have not yet found the officers on the webpage, here is the list:

President: Phil Sinnett, KD5UGO
President-Elect-VP: Harold Black, W5IFN
Treasurer: Doug Forsyth, WX5DF
Secretary: Chris Pape, KE5JZN
Director at Large: Bill Baker, WG5T (appointment)
Trustee: Peter Laws, N5UWY (appointment)
Assistant Trustee: Gary Skaggs, WB5ULK  (appointment)

Also, some of you have asked about the site I use personally to track real-time lightning data. That site can be found here:

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always…Nets, Links, Other Stuff in the link at the top AND in the sidebar. Have a great week!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._


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