It’s Museum Ships Weekend!

[Note: Tom, KH6AAA – SCARS Member, will be on-the-air from the Battleship Missouri!]


The 2015 Museum Ships weekend gets under way at 0000 UTC on June 6 (June 5 in US time zones) and continues for 48 hours. More than 100 museum ships are expected to be on the air.

Most museum ships will operate SSB or CW in the General class band segments.

SSB: 3860, 7260, 14,260, 18,160, 21,260, 24,960, 28,360, and 50,160 kHz.

CW: 3539, 7039, 10,109, 14,039, 18,079, 21,039, 24,899, 28,039, and 50,109 kHz.

PSK31: 14,070, 10,142, 18,100, 21,070 and 28,120 kHz.

Some ships will operate AM on 3880-3885 kHz and 7290 kHz. Stations working at least 15 different participating ships will receive a certificate, if they send a copy of their logs showing these contacts.

Details, including a listing of participant, are on the Battleship New Jersey website.

via It’s Museum Ships Weekend!.


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