Cleveland County ARES Net report: 6/16/2015

Cleveland County ARES Net was activated at 8:00 pm, net control was WX5MOR/Gayland.


Thirty-two persons checked into the net.  In addition to those on the roster, the following checked in:



Traffic was passed to the net by net control from N7XYO/Mark, Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator concerning Oklahoma ARES Sections currently on standby for potential activation.  Life threatening flooding rainfall associated with the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill will affect the region Wednesday and Thursday.  Be weather aware – review your local weather at  Do not self deploy; if deployed/activated, wear your ARES-OK vest at all times.

Traffic was also passed from KC5FM/Lloyd, Oklahoma Section Manager.  Lloyd advises that ARES is on standby; be sure to be aware of low lying areas; and if you encounter water, Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

Announcements were made as follows:

KD5UGO/Phil:  June SCARS meeting is THIS Saturday, 0930, and Norman Fire Station #7.  This is an important meeting, as it is the last meeting prior to Field Day.

KD5UGO/Phil:  Unless there is someone he is unaware of to fill in for Loren as net control for the Gossip Net, it will not be held this evening.  (see following from KF5UZA…)

KD5UGO/Phil:  If ARES is needed, normally there is one of a couple of base stations that will activate the net on a temporary basis.  Control will be passed to Norman EOC when they stand up.

KF5UZA/Rodney:  As our CORA representative, Rodney has tickets to Ham Holiday and the associated banquet.  He’ll be at the meeting Saturday or contact him direct.

KF5UZA/Rodney:  Loren has contacted him to act as net control for the Gossip Net, immediately following the ARES net.

W5DOH/Allan:  The KD5JSD Memorial 6m net is held every Monday, 8pm, on 50.200.

WG5T/Bill:  The 10m net is held every Wednesday, 8pm, on 28.445 USB.  Net control tomorrow night is scheduled to be W5ZAX/Dave.

KF5OZT/Don was asked for any comments from Norman EOC; he advised to be sure to not deploy unless called; and if you are called and run into high water, just advise the EOC and stay out of the water.

Net Control read part of the NWS-Norman’s forecast discussion concerning information on Tropical Storm Bill, and added additional comments. “Life threatening flooding is the greatest concern through tomorrow and Thursday.”   Final line of the discussion:  “It is imperative you heed all flash flood warnings over the next several days.  It will not take much rain to result in flash flooding…especially in flood prone areas.  Remember…Turn Around..Don’t Drown.”

Net was concluded at 8:33 pm.

via Gayland, WX5MOR

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