SCARS Pre- Field Day Newsletter, June 22, 2015

The SCARS Schedule for the Month of June . . .
What is Field Day . . .
I Need GOTA Mentors! . . .
Officers, and odd-links . . .
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles _…_._

The SCARS Schedule for the Month of June

Every Monday – KD5JSD Memorial 6 meter net run by Allan, W5DOH – 8pm local – 50.200 Mhz USB
Every Tuesday – Cleveland County ARES Net – 8pm local – 147.06 FM, 141.3 CTCSS, rollcall, training
Every Tuesday – Gossip Net – immediately following ARES Net – run by Loren, NJ3D, round-table
Every Wednesday – N5HZX Memorial 10m Net (Fred’s Net) – run by various – 8pm local – 28.445 USB +/-
Saturday, June 27 – ARRL Field Day, SCARS Location – Reaves Park, Norman, setup begins 8AM
Sunday, June 28 – ARRL Field Day ends at 1pm local – all-hands needed for tear down

What is Field Day

Good question. It’s a lot of things.

It’s practicing for when WE need to go into the field to DO OUR THING, which is COMMUNICATE. To support a community partner during a disaster in our community, a neighboring community, or some other state if the situation warrants.
It is Fellowship.
It is Food.
It is Mentoring.
It is Public Relations.
It is Competition.
It is sharpening your operating axe.
It is solving problems on the fly.
It is Fun.


Setup begins at 8am, Reaves Park, east of Jenkins, North of Constitution, and Northeast of the Veterans Memorial. We’ll be setting up the tent, equipment, power, eating donuts, stringing and erecting antennas, eating apple fritters, talking with curious passersby, drinking coffee, MENTORING New Hams and those who haven’t been on the air for a while (have I mentioned lately that I need MORE GOTA MENTORS???), mentoring those who will be operating the GOTA station on how to setup the radio, operate the radio, setup the antenna and tuner, eat lunch, START OPERATING at 1pm, eat dinner about 6-ish (bring a side, or chips, or dessert), operate during the evening, sleep a bit, operate in the wee hours, mentor overnight GOTA operators, teach folks how to log Field Day contacts, watch the sunrise, eat breakfast, make more contacts, furiously make last minute contacts, tear down at 1pm, load up, take a shower, and then a long afternoon nap.

There’s more, but that is enough for now. I’ll send out a Special Thursday evening with last minute items and requests.

By the way, “Field Day” is not just us (US), it is MANY National Amateur Radio entities:
But, as far as the U.S. is concerned, this pretty much describes much of what happens at Field Day in a more coherent manner than what I said above:


No kidding – really. The GOTA station must be assembled and operated by those meeting GOTA criteria (new amateurs or those who have been off of HF for at least two years). You can point, explain, hint, teach strategy (listen and pounce, or my favorite, find a spot and call “CQ Field Day, GOTA”, teach how to log, aid with tuning (we are using an ICOM 7410 (generously donated, among many other things, by Lester (Lucky) Whitaker, W7CNK)), etc., etc., etc. You know – all that stuff you just automatically do, but a new ham has yet to learn.

You don’t have to be there ALL THE TIME – let me know when you can help and I’ll schedule you into a slot. Last year we DID have GOTA operators during the wee hours, so if you are a night owl, that might be a good shift for you. Just let me know.



For those who have not yet found the officers on the webpage, here is the list:

President: Phil Sinnett, KD5UGO
President-Elect-VP: Harold Black, W5IFN
Treasurer: Doug Forsyth, WX5DF
Secretary: Chris Pape, KE5JZN
Past President: Bill Lockett, AE5F
Director at Large: Bill Baker, WG5T (appointment)
Trustee: Peter Laws, N5UWY (appointment)
Assistant Trustee: Gary Skaggs, WB5ULK  (appointment)

Also, some of you have asked about the site I use personally to track real-time lightning data. That site can be found here:

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always…Nets, Links, Other Stuff in the link at the top AND in the sidebar. Have a great week!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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