ARES Net Report 7/7/2015

Cleveland County ARES Net was activated at 8:00 pm, net control was WX5MOR/Gayland.

Twenty-eight persons checked into the net.  In addition to those on the roster, the following checked in:

Announcements from net control included:
-Information concerning the current Flash Flood Watch and weather forecast.  ARES members were reminded to please not drive into flowing water; Turn Around, Don’t Drown.
-Reminder of the APRS net at 1pm this Saturday, hosted by the Tulsa Digital Radio Club.  Participate by sending an APRS message to the net controller, KD5NJR.

Announcements were made as follows:
-W5DOH (by WX5MOR):  The KD5JSD Memorial 6m net is held every Monday, 8pm, on 50.200.
-KD5UGO/Phil:  June SCARS meeting is THIS Saturday, 0930, and Norman Fire Station #7.  Discussion topics will include a Field Day wrap up!  Tickets for Ham Holiday will be available.
-NJ3D/Loren:  The Gossip Net will follow beginning at 8:30 pm.
-WG5T/Bill:  The 10m net is held every Wednesday, 8pm, on 28.445 USB.  Net control tomorrow night is scheduled to be W5ZAX/Dave.

Net Control gave a short dialog on interoperable communications, including the state interop comms website at

Net was concluded at 8:27 pm.

73’s de WX5MOR/Gayland

via Inbox – – Gmail.


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