Cleveland County ARES Net Report, 10-6-2015

The Cleveland County ARES net was called at 8pm 10/6/2015, net control operator WX5MOR. Twenty-seven people checked in.

Announcments were as follows:

KD5UGO: the “crunch monster” has been causing interference with the 147.06 repeater..if it comes back, you can talk through and/or over it.

KD5UGO: SCARS meeting this Saturday, 9:30 am, NFD #7. Will be short to accommodate OU/UT.

KD5UGO: Both the 147.060 and UHF repeaters will hopefully be taken off-line this Thursday for antenna and coax replacement. Alternate is the 146.88 repeater.

W5IFN: 6m net is held Mondayevenings, 8pm, on 50.200 USB.

NJ3d: Yes, Loren IS IN TOWN! And will be hosting the Gossip Net immediately following our ARES net.

WG5T: 10m net on Wednesdays, 8pm, 28.445 USB.

NCO: Reminder to regularly check your programming skills for your various radios, and to keep your manuals handy.

NCO: Note that while the 147.060 machine is out of service, alternate will be 146.880.

Net concluded at 8:25 pm.


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