Cleveland County, Oklahoma ARES Net Report – 10-20-2015

The Cleveland County ARES net was conducted at 8pm this evening, WX5MOR/Gayland as net control. Twenty one check-ins were received.

W5GXT/Victor announced that the Gossip Net would be held at 8:30 pm, following the ARES net. He also noted that WG5T/Bill would normally announce that our 10m net will be held tomorrow evening, 8pm, on 28.445 USB. Net Control also noted that W5DOH/Allan would announce that the 6m net is held Mondays, 8pm, 50.200.

KD5UGO/Phil reported that work on the SCARS repeater is about two-thirds finished. Crews have worked two days, and have put the UHF link back up, and taken the old antennas/coax down. A week from Thursday, another work day is planned, at which time it is hoped that the new antennas/feedline will be put up and work will be finished.

Phil also noted that our technical crew has removed the sub-audible tone output from the repeater, in hopes that issues with interference from the “crunch-monster” will subside. If your radios are programmed to only open squelch when a sub-audible tone is received, you’ll need to reprogram your radio to have open squelch on receive (“no tone”).

Net Control reported that a statewide emergency management exercise is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th. This will have an amateur radio component, testing to see if the various area emergency operations centers can communicate via amateur.

The ARRL School Club Roundup is ongoing from now through 2359 Friday.

There will also be a MARS exercise on Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) where ARES/RACES is invited to participate.

Net was concluded at 8:25 pm.

via WX5MOR, Gayland (Moore EM)


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