Newsletter Correction – Tower Work NEXT WEEK – October 29th

N5UWY gently let me know yesterday that I was a mallet-head. To quote the great Homer Simpson – “DOH!”
The tower work at the County Yard will be completed NEXT week, Thursday, October 29th. Hopefully.

I corrected this week’s post, and here is the correction below:

Tower Work To Complete This Thursday NEXT WEEK – Hopefully

As Yogi would say “It’s deja vu all over again.”

Once again, absent delays due to weather, schedules, Stock Market collapse, Comet strike, the tower work should be completed Thursday, October 29th. But I’ve said that before, or something like it, so in many ways this project is like how Yogi referred to baseball: “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

I’ll post here, by email, on the SCARS Twitter feed, and Facebook groups, the anticipated schedule, when the systems go down, and when they are back up.

QRX . . .


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