NPOTA requirements at the OKC National Memorial

For those of you interested in activating the Oklahoma City National Memorial as a part of the National Parks On The Air activity, please see and abide by the Special Requirements which are and will be in place noted below.

73 de Gary, WB5ULK

Attached, please find the current ground rules for NPOTA activation of the
Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Please share these ground rules and the following info with your club

IMPORTANT….you must contact the NPOTA folks at ARRL to get prior
permission to activate the Memorial.
At this time, the primary concern is no activations of any type 15-30 April.
This is due to the preparations for the Bombing Anniversary Ceremonies and
the Memorial Marathon.

Only one mobile activation per day will be approved at the Memorial Service
Center due to very limited space.

Mobile activations are only allowed on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Pedestrian mobile activations may be approved on any day save the timeframe
of 15-30 April.

Thomas Webb
Oklahoma Section




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