SCARS Weekly Newsletter – April 4, 2016

April SCARS Meeting This Saturday . . .
The Colossus of Radio . . .
10 FM Anyone?
It’s THAT Time Of Year Again . . .

OKC Memorial Marathon Sign-up . . .
Green Country Hamfest . . .
Did I forget you last week? . . .
ARRL Letter . . .
Amateur Radio Newsline . . .
Ham Nation . . .
Odds and Ends . . .
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles  _…_._

April SCARS Meeting This Saturday

This coming Saturday is the our monthly meeting and you really don’t want to miss it! Who, What, When, Where, and How below, but N5HZR, Mark, will be doing a presentation after The Business Session entitled “Comparison of Amateur Radio Digital Voice”. Here is the Abstract:

At the April SCARS meeting, Mark Kleine N5HZR, et al., will talk about some of the newest modes available to the amateur radio community. The three major digital voice systems, D-Star, DMR, and System Fusion will be explored, and compared. The underlying technical system specs will be discussed, operational differences will be shown, and available radios will be compared. We will demonstrate live radios and repeaters, and show online resources. If you have a digital voice radio, bring it along to join the fun.

Coffee and donuts at 9, Business at 9:30, Program to follow: WhoWhatWhereWhenHow

The Colossus of Radio

I’m certain that I wasn’t the only one who got this, but thought I’d share something that N5MS shared via an email during the week. A GREAT Old Time Radio entry from Nuts and Volts Magazine. Go read it!

10 FM Anyone?

Found this on an Amateur Radio Facebook Group today.  FYI…

Radio Society of Tucson has a 10 m repeater that is up and running now – K7RST.
29,670 FM receive, 29.570 FM transmit minus offset, PL 110.9.
Yesterday the frequency was open to the east coast and even Las Vegas.
A big thanks goes out to K3TYE Joe and AE7YQ Bill.

It’s THAT Time Of Year Again


As my good friend, colleague, and long-time NWS employee Forrest, KB5FOL, would say “April 1st marks the beginning of an ‘open’ Gulf of Mexico and ushers in the onset of ‘Deep Convection'”. Many of the weather geek gadflies around the local Forecast Office periphery would begin to fritz-out any time thunderstorm went up during March, but Forrest knew that for it to be long-lasting and sustained, it would have to have deep and plentiful Gulf Moisture.

None of us really knows what the year is going to really be like, but I do know that the time is NOW to get prepared. One of the things that YOU can do to be prepared is to setup your VHF/UHF gear in such a manner as you can be on the same page as the rest of us when “that day” comes. 

For many years, we have strongly encouraged folks to setup their VHF/UHF equipment memories in the same manner so that we have well-known priorities established and so that all of us can be literally “on the same page”. The recommended Channel memories for your equipment can all be found on the SCARS repeater blog site. Now YOU are going to ask me “The repeater has a blog?” And the answer is unequivocally “YES!”

The SCARS Trustee, Peter, N5UWY, maintains the repeater blog HERE, but if you forget that, just remember to go to the SCARS Homepage, W5NOR.ORG, and in the left-hand column click on the “Repeaters” link. In the first paragraph at the top of that page is the link to the Repeater Blog.  Scroll down to the Red Box and at the top is the recommended memory entries for you VHF/UHF equipment. But I’ll include a cut&paste of that right here below. 

Now, go get your gear ready!

Recommended Channel Layout

Channel Receive Transmit “Offset” CTCSS Label
1 147.0600 147.6600 +600 kHz 141.3 Hz SCARSM
2 147.0600 147.6600 +600 kHz 100.0 Hz SCARSI
3 147.0600 147.0600 None 141.3 Hz SCARSD
4 146.8800 146.2800 -600 kHz None N5MS
5 443.7000 448.7000 +5 MHz 141.3 Hz SCARSU
6 443.7000 443.7000 None 141.3 Hz SCRSUD
7 444.3500 449.3500 +5 MHz 141.3 Hz N5KUK
D-STAR 444.7500 449.7500 +5 MHz D-STAR W5TC B
DMR 443.8250 448.8250 +5 MHz DMR N5MS

Adjust channel order and labels to suit your taste. You might also consider other options for the repeaters such as a channel that transmits in reverse so, if the repeater was down, you could communicate with someone who had only programmed their radio for normal repeater operation.

OKC Memorial Marathon Sign-up

This year’s Marathon is April 24th and there are 100 Amateurs needed for the event. More info and links to sign-up are on the SCARS homepage: Memorial Marathon Signup

 Green Country Hamfest

Green Country is this Friday and Saturday. You can go Friday and still be at our Saturday meeting! Check here for more details: Green Country Hamfest

 Did I Forget You Last Week?

There’s an easy way to make sure that you receive each and every blog post. Yes, even on those days when I forget to send an email out to the Club list! But remember that I ONLY send out an email notification for the Weekly Newsletters. The other non-Weekly posts are very rarely notified about via email.

From anywhere on the Blog, scroll down until you see “Follow Blog via Email” in the right side-bar. Sign-up there, and you will always receive an email notice each and every time I post something here. Big Solar Flare? Bingo – you’re on it.

 ARRL Letter

Read it all here: ARRL Letter – 3/31/16

 Amateur Radio Newsline


Live links, Script, and Audio here: AR Newsline #2005

Ham Nation

Kevin Zanjani comes on to talk batteries,
John Portune shows how a mobius antenna is made,
DX files from Val
and more!

Ham Nation Episode 241 – Monodirectional Coax

Screenshot 2016-04-03 at 19.19.43


Go watch!

 Odds and Ends

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always, News, Links, Repeater Info, Hamfests, Licensing, General Help & more linked from the sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG !!!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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