Digital GOTA – Updated/Important Info

In the last Newsletter I noted that there would be More Information coming, and this is it. But…


If you’re going, you MUST TELL THEM! They need a head-count because there will be food and it’s not free.

That said, if you are REALLY interested in this stuff, the presenters are very good resources.

Info forwarded to me (and others) by N5KUK. Thanks Ken!

As mentioned in the initial announcement, “Ham Aide: Digital GOTA” will be presented on Saturday, 27 August, 9:00 AM at the Salvation Army Central Area Command (COAC) located at NW 10 & Penn in Oklahoma City.  “Digital GOTA” is open to one and all!!!!

To determine how many folks to expect, please be in contact with David Downing, WD5G, ( and let him know you plan to attend, which seminars you wanting to attend, and if you plan to stay for lunch.  This last point is important so we can make appropriate arrangements with the catering service.

We are asking the catering service for a ‘brown bag’ lunch (deli-style sandwich, chips, and beverage) for around $5.

The “Digital GOTA” will begin at 9:00 AM with an orientation to the facility, seminar
administration,  and general comments and discussion.

The series of one hour seminars will begin at 10:00 AM and run till Noon.

After a 30 minute lunch break, the final seminar will begin at 12:30 PM with a wrap-up/discussion session beginning at 1:30 PM.

Participants can attend a seminar for each of the protocols (DMR/Fusion/D-Star); attend only one seminar or all seminars for a protocol/s of their choice; or attend a single seminar and then depart..the choice is up to you.  Information in each seminar will be repeated at each session.

If you wish assistance in programming an HT, please bring the radio, programming cable, radio instruction manual, and a memory media (USB stick or SD card).  If you have a laptop with programming software already loaded, please bring the laptop, also.

Even if you don’t have a DMR/D-Star/Fusion radio, this is a great opportunity to ‘get smart’ on this new aspect of amateur radio.

Mentors for “Digital GOTA” will be Mark Matalik, AE5DN for DMR; David Downing, WD5G for D-Star; and Duane Angles, AA5KD for Fusion.

Please join us for “Ham Aide: Digital GOTA”!

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