SCARS Weekly Newsletter June 9, 2017

ARRL Membership
Ham-Com – This Weekend
Weather Ready Nation
National Weather Museum Membership Drive
Dates To Remember
Blog Update Notifications
Collector & Emitter

Weekly “Memories” Nag
The Doctor Is In
This Week’s ARRL Letter
ARRL DX Bulletin
Amateur Radio Newsline
Ham Nation
Odds and Ends 
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles  _…_._

ARRL Membership

[via Mark, N5HZR…]


I had forgotten about this little plaque. It surfaced this week while reworking my shack. 32 years ago I joined the ARRL and selected the Life Membership plan. I beat the odds, and have effectively had free membership, and free QST’s since 2002. I thought that saving money would be the best part, and for those of you age less than 50, that’s still a good deal. (You can pay it out in 8 quarterly payments).

However, the real return on my investment has come in many ways. Programs like ARES, hamfests, training materials, assistance with overseas licensing, and equipment reviews have all directly affected my enjoyment of the hobby. Advocacy at the international, national, and state levels have allowed us to keep, and add to the overall bandplan.  I’m sure glad I joined, invested, and helped keep the hobby moving forward for the last 30+ years.

So, as you’re considering your next step in amateur radio, put ARRL membership high on the list. For you youngsters < 50, consider the life membership for about $50 a month for 8 quarters. For the rest of you, at least sign up for the 3 year plan, and save the $7. And if you join while you’re at an ARRL ham-fest, there’s usually some freebie books thrown in for extra benefits. (HamCom, and Ham Holiday are just around the corner). For more information on ARRL membership, take a look at:, or ask me!

Oh yea, there’s also the cool plaque!

73 – de n5hzr

Ham-Com – This Weekend

[REMEMBER! Because of Ham-Com, the June SCARS Meeting is the 3rd Weekend!]

The Schedule FINALLY posted. If you’re still in Norman when you read this, you’ve prolly missed the first day…

If you’re looking for a ride to Ham-Com, you should speak up on the Facebook Group. People are going and have empty seats. Others are already there!

P.S.: Michelle’s (W5MQC) YL Region 5 Roundtable is a 11AM Saturday in Room 4.

Weather Ready Nation 

Here in Oklahoma we make a big deal about tornadoes, because HEY, they’re a Big Deal. But…
Tornadoes are NOT the biggest killer nationwide, and it’s not even close. Here are the numbers from 2016:
Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 08.44.34When it comes to weather-related deaths, tornadoes come in tied for 8th (with Avalanche). Heat is THE biggest killer in the United States and always has been.

Be prepared for the weather, no matter what you find yourself doing this year. Don’t become a ‘statistic’.

National Weather Museum Membership Drive

Support the National Weather Museum!
Individual Memberships are $25 and Family Memberships are $50.
Support a local museum!
If a membership isn’t your style – help by volunteering!
Current needs are volunteers to man the front desk
(no experience or specific weather knowledge necessary as there are augmented reality stations that provide content),
Need volunteers to help establish an Amateur Radio Station and then to operate it at the Museum.
The Museum call sign is WX5NWM.

Dates To Remember

Some VERY important events are scheduled in the near future which you need to put into your planner:

Today and Tomorrow – Ham-Com, Irving, Texas
June 17 – SCARS June Meeting, Fire Station 7
June 24-25 – ARRL Field Day, Reaves Park
July 21-22 – Ham Holiday, OKC

Blog Update Notifications

If you do not already receive notifications of updates to the SCARS Blog, you may sign-up for those by entering info here:

 Collector & Emitter

Here is the direct link to the historical issues of CORA’s almost 30 year long, monthly publication, The Collector & Emitter. Lot’s of great stories, True and Fiction, MANY club meeting notes, Happenings in Oklahoma Amateur Radio, and for me at least, a ton of memories about the Amateur Radio Dealers which we had in the OKC area. Lots and lots of fun reading.

When you start reading these, the clock will just melt away…


 Weekly “Memories” Nag?

Keep your Memory channels on your mobile or HT sorted so you’ll have easy access to frequencies needed for Skywarn or ARES activation. That list is at the bottom of the SCARS Repeater blog maintained by our trusty Trustee, N5UWY – SCARS Repeater Blog (that underlined part is a hyperlink straight to the repeater blog). Scroll down to the Red Box at the bottom of the blog to find the recommended memory entries for you VHF/UHF equipment. 

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor’s Latest Podcast is titled
The Mystery of Sporadic E
[But… it is LESS Sporadic in the Summer!!!]

[Listen to it here-> The Doctor Is In Podcast ]

The Doctor’s Home page is here: The Doctor Is In

This Week’s ARRL Letter

This week:
Dayton Improvements already planned
Enforcement Actions
Tower Best Practices
among others…

Most Recent Headlines:

Read it all here: ARRL Letter

ARRL DX Bulletin

 Latest version at the top here:  ARRL DX Bulletin

Other DX links via Alexander, 4L5A:

 Amateur Radio Newsline

Latest Headlines:


Live links, Script, and Audio here: Amateur Radio Newsline – Latest News

Ham Nation


This week’s highlights:
We cover the good and the bad of the 2017 Hamvention,
VHF contesting,
Bob brings the Pine Board Project back,
Newsline with Don,
George explains the vacuum tube,
and Amanda takes your questions!

The last half-dozen or so episodes are linked right here: Ham Nation

Go watch!

 Odds and Ends

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always, News, Links, Repeater Info, Hamfests, Licensing, General Help & more linked from the sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG !!!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._


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