SCARS Weekly Newsletter November 10, 2017

November Program and Stay After School Subjects,  
Enid Hamfest: Good Time Had By All,
Ham Radio Horizons
Dates To Remember
The Doctor Is In,   
This Week’s ARRL Letter,   
ARRL DX Bulletin,   
Amateur Radio Newsline,   
Ham Nation,   
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Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles  _…_._

November Program and Stay After School Subjects

November’s Meeting is TOMORROW! Be There & Bring A Chair!

QSL cards are a part of ham radio’s charm and history, even in this day of instant online verification. Jim Massara N2EST, will explain them: how to use them, how to send them and how to design them. He’ll share tips on how to create your own QSL card and what goes into a good one.

And an additional ‘stay after school’ seminar for this November meeting. Phil Sinnett KD5UGO and Bill Lockett AE5F will be showing us how to tune a number of dipoles. Here you can actually watch, or help the group, bring some life into a set of shortened dipoles on a tripod mount. They’ll be using antenna analyzers, SWR meters, and good old fashioned common sense to turn these unruly pieces of metal into working amateur antennas. If you are ready to build your first antenna, or need to see how you can spruce up an existing one, this after school event is for you. This will be outside the Firehouse, right after the main meeting!

In addition, we’ll perform more ‘stay after school’ seminars on using your new handheld radio, DMR radios or any other amateur radio. If you’re new to the hobby, or would like some help with a new radio, simply stay after the meeting, and Ed Hatch AG5DV, and others will help you through the first setup, and guide you through those first transmissions! If you’ve got a DMR question, Mark Kleine N5HZR, will help you with any setup, or operational issues. Have any other questions? Just ask someone at the meetings, they’re experts on everything in our group, and we’ll help you find the right person.

SCARS meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am at the Norman Firehouse #7, just west of Rock Creek, and Flood. All of the location and time details are available on the Meetings/Nets page of this website. Don’t forget to bring a chair, if you can, as space is getting limited!

Enid Hamfest: Good Time Had By All

Five SCARS Members made the trip to Enid last Saturday. VP, Ed, – AD5DV, Mark – N5HZR, Conrad – W7WLM, and Gary – WB5ULK, rode together courtesy of Ed and his spacious trunk. John, WB5Q, was there as well and had two tables full of goodies to sell. There were A LOT of tables occupied by anything from junk microphones to several generations of Heathkit radios, most of which were scarfed-up before we arrived at 10am). When we left a bit after 1, there was still a complete HW-1XX line there, as well as brand spanking new ICOM, and gently used Yaesu and Kenwood late-model equipment. Much was discussed to and fro, talked to a lot of folks at the hamfest, got a really good lunch as a part of the ticket price, and even bought a little of this and a little of that. Conrad scored a radio for parts for $5 (just needed cleaning up and a set of tubes, all found on eBay for less than $20), I got an antenna mount, and I’m pretty certain that Ed and Mark spent money on something or other.

It was a great trip, we all felt it was worth it, and it was the final leg of the AAOH marathon. (see my Certificate below).

Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 08.32.39

Ham Radio Horizons
Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 08.35.37

I’ve spoken during the Technician classes, and off and on to individuals, about one of my all-time favorite ham rags “Ham Radio Horizons”.  Even before I became an ARRL member, I subscribed to this little mag and dog-eared so many articles that none of my issues would ever lie flat! I opined in a very pathetic manner that I’d lost all 3 years of my copies one way or another and that I’d been completely unable to find it anywhere online. 

But, Gloryoski! I dredged around and found it!

This is a wonderful, easy to read AND understand publication which has MANY accessible construction projects. It also explains things in a very easy and straightforward manner since it was written with a new Amateur in mind.

You can read this in MANY formats, or even download the entire library as per-issue pdf files. You should At The Very Least go browse among these wonderful pages.

Dates To Remember

Some VERY important events are scheduled in the near future which you need to put into your planner:

November 11, SCARS Monthly Meeting
Elections, QSL Cards, and a “Stay After School” about tuning dipoles!

The Doctor Is In

The Doctor’s Latest Podcast is titled
NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave

Sometimes the best direction to send your signal is straight up!

Listen to it here-> The Doctor Is In Podcast

The Doctor’s Home page is here: The Doctor Is In

This Week’s ARRL Letter

Most Recent Headlines:

Read it all here: ARRL Letter

ARRL DX Bulletin

Always Latest version at the top here:  ARRL DX Bulletin

DX Bulletin 45 ARLD045
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT November 9, 2017
To all radio amateurs

ARLD045 DX news

This week’s bulletin was made possible with information provided by
the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and
the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

LIBYA, 5A. Abubaker, 5A1AL has been active using FT8 on 30 meters.
QSL to home call.

UGANDA, 5X. Jonathan, KK7PW is QRV as 5X1O until November 20.
Activity is in his spare time on 40, 20, 17, 15 and 10 meters using
CW, SSB, WSPR and possibly JT65 and FT8. QSL via EA5GL.

SIERRA LEONE, 9L. Mark, KW4XJ is QRV as 9L/KW4XJ from Freetown. He
is waiting for his permanent 9L call sign. His length of stay is
unknown. Activity is on the HF bands using mainly CW and various
digital modes. QSL to home call.

BURUNDI, 9U. Members of the Mediterraneo DX Club are QRV as 9U4M
until November 17. Activity is with five stations on the HF bands
using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via IK2VUC.

NAURU, C2. Kuni, JA8VE, Mat, JA1JQY and Kaoru, JA3MCA are QRV as
C21VE, C21JY and C21MA, respectively, until November 14. Activity
is on 80 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL to home calls.

QATAR, A7. Justin, NE5JK is living and working in Doha and QRV as
A71/NE5JK until he receives his A75 call. He’s currently running
QRP power on the HF bands. QSL via operator’s instructions.

PHILIPPINES, DU. Mike, DF8AN is QRV as DU7/DF8AN from Negros
Island, IOTA OC-129, until November 16. Activity is on the HF bands
using CW, RTTY, PSK and FT8. QSL to home call.

CANARY ISLANDS, EA8. Giovanni, IZ2DPX will be QRV as EA8/IZ2DPX
from Lanzarote, IOTA AF-004, from November 13 to 20. Activity is on
the HF bands using only SSB. QSL via IK2DUW.

SAN ANDRES AND PROVIDENCIA, HK0. Members of the Yaguarete DXers
Group will be QRV as 5K0T from San Andres Island, IOTA NA-033, from
November 12 to 25. Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using CW,
SSB and various digital modes. QSL via LU1FM.

HONDURAS, HR. Dennis, W1UE, Paul, K1XM and Charlotte, KQ1F will be
QRV as HR9/home calls from Roatan Island, IOTA NA-057, beginning
November 12. They will be active as HQ9X in the upcoming CQ World
Wide DX CW contest. QSL via KQ1F.

GUINEA-BISSAU, J5. A group of operators will be QRV as J5T from
Bubaque Island, IOTA AF-020, from November 13 to 26. Activity will
be on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY with three stations
active. QSL via I2YSB.

SVALBARD, JW. Rene, DL2JRM is QRV as JW/DL2JRM from Spitsbergen
Island, IOTA EU-026, until November 13. Activity is on the HF
bands. QSL to home call.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS, KP2. Scott, NE9U will be QRV as NE9U/KP2 from
November 11 to December 5. Activity will be on the HF bands. He
will be active as NP2X in the upcoming CQ World Wide DX CW and ARRL
160-Meter contests. QSL via NE9U and NP2X via K5WW.

BONAIRE, PJ4. Operators Olli, DH8BQA, Paul, DL5CW and Tom, DL5LYM
are QRV as PJ4/home calls until November 29. They will be active as
PJ4Y in the upcoming CQ World Wide DX CW contest. QSL to home
calls, and PJ4Y for this contest via DL5CW.

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS, V4. Gary, G0FWX is QRV as V47FWX from Calypso
Bay, IOTA NA-104, until November 15. Activity is holiday style on
the HF bands. QSL via M0URX.

MICRONESIA, V6. Shu, JA1FMN will be QRV as V63PSK from Moen Island,
IOTA OC-011, from November 14 to 18. Activity will be on 20 to 10
meters using PSK, JT9, JT65 and FT8. QSL direct to home call.

MELLISH REEF, VK9M. A group of operators are QRV as VK9MA until
November 16. Activity is with five stations on 160 to 10 meters
using CW, SSB, RTTY, JT65 and FT8. QSL via N7QT.

SOUTH AFRICA, ZS. Members of the Bo-Karoo Amateur Radio Club are
QRV during November with special event call sign ZS40VDK to celebrate
the 40th anniversary of the commissioning of the Van-derkloof Dam.
QSL via the operators’ instructions.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. The Worked All Europe DX RTTY Contest,
10-10 International Fall Digital Contest, Japan International DX
Phone Contest, NCCC RTTY Sprint, QRP 80-Meter CW Fox Hunt, NCCC CW
Sprint, SKCC Weekend CW Sprintathon, OK/OM DX CW Contest, Kentucky
QSO Party, CQ-WE Contest, North American SSB Sprint Contest and the
4 States QRP Group Second Sunday Sprint will certainly keep
contesters busy this upcoming weekend.

The RSGB 80-Meter Autumn Data Series is scheduled for November 13.

The CWops Mini-CWT Test, Phone Fray and QRP 40-Meter CW Fox Hunt are
scheduled for November 15.

Please see November QST, page 93, and the ARRL and WA7BNM Contest
Web Sites for details.

Amateur Radio Newsline




Live links, Script, and Audio here: Amateur Radio Newsline – Latest News

Ham Nation


Episode 325’s highlights:

“Gordo helps you find the source of that noise,
ARRL Sweepstakes SSB with Val,
building an Air Core Coil for your Pineboard
and more!

The last half-dozen or so episodes are linked right here: Ham Nation

Go watch!

 Odds and Ends

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always, News, Links, Repeater Info, Hamfests, Licensing, General Help & more linked from the sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG !!!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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