SCARS News December 14, 2018

In This Issue… 
Earth, Wind, and Fire,
Ham-IV Teardown

Dates To Remember,
The Doctor Is In,
This Week’s ARRL Letter,
ARRL DX Bulletin,
Amateur Radio Newsline,
Ham Nation,
Odds and Ends,
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles _…_._

In This Issue

Earth, Wind, and Fire,
Ham-IV Teardown,
and the usual stuff!

“Read all about it” below.

Earth, Wind, and Fire


Mark, N5HZR, sends the following about this Fall’s Statewide Emergency Management exercise and how SCARS played a role during the event:

No, it’s not what you are thinking. Each year the Oklahoma state, county and, city emergency management departments conduct an exercise that tests the interoperability of these groups. This year SCARS and Cleveland County ARES expanded our role to provide communications between the state EOC, four counties, five cities, and the Chickasaw Nation.

This year the scenario for the central and southwest agencies started with an explosion at the Newcastle casino. During the first responder efforts, the southbound lane of I-44 was blocked just south of the Canadian River bridge by an overturned 18 wheeler, so an alternate route had to be used to get responders to the casino to care for the injuries from the bombing.

Our members provided the emergency communications between agencies and got a workout when the primary communications system, WebEOC failed. We’re still not sure if a backhoe doing construction at the capital took it down, or if the system simply folded under pressure. Either way, our team got the traffic passed. 

This year Bill Lockett AE5F worked in the Norman Emergency Operations Center, with Norman Emergency Management Officer David Grizzle KD5ZLG. Bill monitored the ham radios and the 800 statewide EOC net. They were able to work with the Cleveland County Emergency Manager George Mauldin KD5ZDX. Steve Venz KG5BWE, was working the radios at the Newcastle EOC with Emergency Manager Jon Tankersley WD5HCI. They also had two members of the Chickasaw Nation working the exercise with them. The American Red Cross also had a representative there. Moore Emergency Manager Galen Kitch WX5MOR was working from the Moore EOC. Rodney Barrett KF5UZA was working in the Blanchard area and was working with the McClain County Health Department response. Lea Greenleaf W5HLG ran the Cleveland County ARES two meter net on the 147.06 MHz machine where he connected with our entire group and made contact with the state EOC, and Pottawattamie County, through a connection in Seminole.

At each location, the local elected officials, and partner entities were able to monitor the activities of the day, and they were impressed with the volunteer efforts that were able to take over when the primary communications methods failed under load.

This EWF exercise happens every year during October, so if you would like to be involved, please contact Cleveland County Emergency Coordinator Mark Kleine N5HZR at Many thanks to all of the people involved, and they all reported that all had a good time.

Ham-IV Teardown

Mike, N5MS, while not a member of SCARS, is a great friend of SCARS and the entire Amateur Community in Central Oklahoma. He forwarded a link from “ElectronicDesign” to a great tear-down (and clean-up) article for the long-time Amateur favorite Hygain Ham-IV rotator.


Dates to Remember

January 1 – ARRL Straight-Key Night 

January 3 – SCARS VE Testing 

January 12 – SCARS Monthly Meeting 

Tuesday Night Elmer Night, Every Tuesday Night UFN 

The Doctor Is In

Listen to it here-> The Doctor Is In Podcast

The Doctor’s Homepage is here: The Doctor Is In

This Week’s ARRL Letter

As always, the “Current ARRL Letter” is always available in full at the link below.
Read it all here:  ARRL Letter

ARRL DX Bulletin

Latest version at the top here: ARRL DX Bulletin

Amateur Radio Newsline

Latest version of ARNewsline at the top here:

Ham Nation

The last half-dozen or so episodes are linked right here: Ham Nation

Where We Are On The Web

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Odds and Ends

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250-mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always, News, Links, Repeater Info, Hamfests, Licensing, General Help & more linked from the sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG !!!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._





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