SCARS News September 2, 2020

ARRL 2020 VHF Contest — Menu

On the weekend of 12-13 September 2020, N0LD/r and KB0YHT/r will be active on the east side of Oklahoma on Saturday and the west side on Sunday for the September 2020 ARRL VHF contest. This contest lets you make contacts with VHF and higher stations. These rover vehicles will be traveling throughout the state to let us stationary stations connect to them in various grid squares, to obtain more points in the contest. The details of their trip are listed here and are on their web page.  Their frequencies are listed there as well.

Pre-position of the rovers prior to the contest
Team 1 – Travel Saturday, Sep 12 – Depart at 8 am from Derby, KS; Arrive 11 am at Tulsa – Lunch
Teams 2 – Travel Saturday, Sep 12 – Depart at 9 am from OKC; Arrive 11 am at Tulsa – Lunch
Teams 1, 2 – Depart noon from Tulsa; Arrive 12:30 pm at Turkey Mountain

Start the contest
Teams 1, 2 – Operate 2 hrs on Turkey Mountain
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 3 pm from Turkey Mountain; Arrive 3:30 am at Glenpool Watertower – Operate 1 hr
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 4:30 pm from Glenpool; Arrive 6:00 pm at McAlester, OK – Dinner
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 7:00 pm from McAlester; Arrive 7:30 pm at grid corner – Operate 1 hr
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 8:30 pm from grid corners; Arrive 10 pm at Oklahoma City — OVERNIGHT

Harvey, Alex, Ross at their home’s Saturday Night; Everyone else at Randy’s house
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 7:30 am from OKC; arrive 8:35 am at El Reno Overpass – Operate until 10 AM
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 10:00 am from El Reno Overpass; arrive 11 am at Chickasha – Lunch
Teams 1, 2 – Depart noon from Chickasha; Arrive 12:30 pm in EM14 – Operate 1 hr
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 1:30 pm from EM14; Arrive 2:30 pm at Mt. Scott – Operate 2.5 hrs
Teams 1, 2 – Depart 5:00 pm from Mt Scott; Arrive 6 pm at Norman – Operate QSOs across OKC
Team 1 – Depart 7:00 pm from Norman; Arrive 10 pm Wichita, KS

Contestants / Participants/Teams
Team 1 – KB0YHT/r – Nick Farlow; KB0QIE – Jim Enix
Team 2 – N0LD/r – Randy Wing; W0HGJ – Harvey Jones; KG9DUK – Alexander Naas

Unlike past years they will not be grid circling – their focus will be on making contact with others – with you. 

We ask you to forward this to amateur radio operators within 300 hundred miles of Oklahoma.  More importantly, please point your antennas at them and make a contact with them!  They will be running FT8 on 6m and primarily operating USB on the other bands. They are capable of operating other bands using digital modes and via morse code. N0LD/r will be on the air as high as the 5 GHz band!  KB0YHT/r will be on the air up through 1.296 GHz.

Their GPS location will be tracked on their website starting about noon on Saturday near Tulsa.  It will stay on when they are moving.

If you want to contact them during the contest, use the telephone number is 636-459-0964.  They will have USB, FM, CW, and FT8/FT4. 

The OKRovers look forward to making your September VHF contest experience a little more exciting!

Randy Wing, N0LD

National Preparedness Month — Menu

September is National Preparedness Month and the theme for 2020 is: “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.

More information is available on the Ready.Gov website.

Their theme for week 1 is:

Make A Plan

Make a plan today. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which types of disasters could affect your area. Know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. Establish a family meeting place that’s familiar and easy to find.

Step 1: Put a plan together by discussing the questions below with your family, friends or household to start your emergency plan.

  1. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  2. What is my shelter plan?
  3. What is my evacuation route?
  4. What is my family/household communication plan?
  5. Do I need to update my emergency preparedness kit?
  6. Check with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and update my emergency plans due to Coronavirus.
    • Get cloth face coverings (for everyone over 2 years old), disinfectants, and check my sheltering plan.

Step 2:  Consider specific needs in your household.

As you prepare your plan tailor your plans and supplies to your specific daily living needs and responsibilities. Discuss your needs and responsibilities and how people in the network can assist each other with communication, care of children, business, pets or specific needs like operating medical equipment. Create your own personal network for specific areas where you need assistance. Keep in mind some these factors when developing your plan:

  • Different ages of members within your household
  • Responsibilities for assisting others
  • Locations frequented
  • Dietary needs
  • Medical needs including prescriptions and equipment
  • Disabilities or access and functional needs including devices and equipment
  • Languages spoken
  • Cultural and religious considerations
  • Pets or service animals
  • Households with school-aged children

Step 3: Fill out a Family Emergency Plan

Download and fill out a family emergency plan or use it as a guide to create your own.

Step 4: Practice your plan with your family/household

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Last Updated: 07/28/2020

LearnMorse Practice 21 — Menu

On the SCARS web pages, we have developed a series called LearnMorse to help you learn the 40 characters of the International Morse Code in 20 lessons. We’ve gone through all of the 40 characters and now we start with 20 weeks of practice sessions. Here’s the first test session of week 21:

vvv vvv ad3yxq/1 de ay0qxx ^bt i am copying you with difficulty alice. i live in hanna, wyoming where the weather is overcast and warm. rig is icom pj789 running 420 watts and your rst is 499. name here is william. my age is 58 and i am a carpenter. antenna is dipole up 35 feet. how copy? ad3yxq/1 de ay0qxx ^sk vvv vvv ku3wyj de no0yiz/3 ^bt good copy ann. rig is yaesu zk812 and runs 485 watts to a vertical antenna up 31 feet. weather is foggy and my name is catherine. i live in hibbing, minnesota where your rst is 468. my age is 25 and i am a programmer. how copy? ku3wyj de no0yiz/3 ^ar

QRZ020: The Great Zedd and Cute Tondelayo Tell Plans — Menu

This ongoing series was written by SCARS charter member SK Jack Bickham WB5TZZ / KU5B. Jack was a prolific novelist, his two most known works were turned into the movies “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, and “Bakers Hawk.” These 104 Q. R. Zedd articles were originally published in the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs (CORA) Newsletter, the Collector & Emitter from September 1981 through April 1990, and are hosted on the SCARS web site. We are reprinting this series to provide you with a glimpse of the past.

Originally published in the May 1983 C&E.

Last month the DX world (and most of the rest of the civilized planet) was stunned and delighted to learn at last that the rumors are indeed true. Q. R. Zedd, Oklahoma’s own world champion DXer and only holder of a modern lx1 callsign, A5A, will wed Miss Tondelayo Schwartz, his blonde, nubile, now-20-year-old QSL secretary.

The nuptials are scheduled for June 18 at Zedd’s Honor Roll Ranch, just a whoop and a holler south of Norman. Invitations, in plain language, CW, and ASCII, have been sent. The lucky few hundred who will attend the social event of the DX season are already making their plans, and there are rumors that the event will be telecast through special arrangements with CBS Television in conjunction with AMSAT.

Virtually on the eve of the grand event, we were privileged to visit Honor Roll and see some of the preparations. And what a sight it was! Pink carnations will adorn every tower and mast; special CW versions of Zedd’s favorite songs, “Red Sails in the Sunset” and ‘Boomer Sooner,” will be broadcast from a hundred special loudspeakers, The helicopter landing pad is already in place for the arrival of such dignitaries as the Rev. Billy Graham, who will officiate, and famed DXers Boris Badenov, Soviet Union; Bill Blast, proprietor of the justly famous Blast-Off DX Net; Dingfod Armstrong of Texas, and Shawnee’s own W5NUT/PJ7. Rumors that the president will attend have drawn an official “no comment” from Walter Cronkite, brought in by Zedd as the official news spokesman and PR man for the event. It is known, however, that the entire ARRL in Newington will be closed for two days to allow that organization to attend en masse.

Zedd himself, relaxing in Levis, a faded blue workshirt and lizard boots, met us at the door to the ranchhouse and escorted us into his comfortable den, away from the maddening clatter of the rigs. The lovely Tondelayo, demurely clad in a pale fuscha sundress cut at mid-thigh, with five-inch silver spikes, awaited us there. Zedd (who never touches the strong stuff or allows a dirty word to cross his lips) served tomato juice cocktails and we settled in.

“Mr. Zedd,” we said, justifiably nervous in the presence of such greatness, “the world is agog about the impending nuptials. Can you and the lucky girl tell us how this romance boomed and finally reached this happy conclusion?”

“Sure, boy,” Zedd smiled, stuffing tobacco in his meerschaum carved in the likeness of Marconi (his maternal great-grandfather). “Tondelayo is the sweetest, purest, nicest, truest girl that ever lived, just as I am, if I say so myself, the finest, truest, greatest DXer ever lived — in the words of the song about me, don’t you know — and so I decided it was only logical for us to get ourselfs hitched. Besides, predictions are for a major downswing in the sunspot cycle in mid- to late June, with many solar flares. For that reason I won’t have much else to do anyway.”

“I understand you proposed via amateur radio?’

“Yes, sir, I did, I sure did, uh-haw. You see, Tondelayo was working the No. 2 position in a contest, and I was of course No. 1 and something busted and my rf started getting into her receiver, and she was so sweet about it, my heart just plumb melted, and right there, while I was QRMing her, so to speak, I decided why not, so I ast her.’

We turned to the blushing bride-to-be. “Tondelayo, you must be thrilled about this wedding.”

“Mah goo’ness!” the darling girl gushed. ‘Ah guess ah’m the LUCKIEST girl in the whole wide world! O. R. is jus’ the DARLINGEST man, an’ I jus’ love him to PIECES!”

“Are there plans for a honeymoon trip, Tondelayo?”

“Why, yay-usl We plan to visit the headquarters of Ham Radio, don’t cha know, an’ then go by the station at the UN, an’ for a really BIG thrill, we’ll go from there straight to the World Crystal Set Museum in Patterson, New Jersey.”

“It sounds indeed like an idyll, Tondelayo. But now let me ask both members of the happy couple a question. Will the president be in attendance?”

“Ah believe –” Tondelayo began, but Zedd gently put his hand over her mouth, effectively making her go conversationally QRT.

The great one then told us, “It would be premature to initialize any public conceptualization to the effect that a visit, nuptialwise, was being contemplated or considered, as it were, by any high official of the government. You understand me, boy?”

We thought we did. It seemed clear that Zedd was speaking for the record in carefully couched government language that must have been prepared for him at the highest levels of Washington.

We were left with our speculations. When Oklahoma’s greatest DXer begins talking like General Haig, can the president be far behind?

— KU5B

Newsletter News — Menu

This newsletter is announced in a number of places. Feel free to subscribe to the way that suits you best. If you’re an email person, you can subscribe by visiting If you’re a twitter person, visit us at And, each newsletter announcement is posted on the Facebook group at And, if you like to search this yourself, you can go straight to the newsletter at Any way you found the newsletter, we’re glad you made it.

And, this newsletter should be for, and about, you. If you have a neat build project to share, or an interesting QSO, a new radio review, a new idea, an upcoming event, a member spotlight, or if you’d like to help produce the newsletter, please send an email to These don’t have to be polished articles, we’ll edit as required. Don’t forget a picture or two, that picture is worth a thousand words.

Local Hamfests — Menu

Briefly, here’s the list of the upcoming local hamfests. Hamfests are always great places to buy new equipment, sell your underused equipment, and find that great flea market bargain. They are always a great place to meet local hams and learn some new tricks.

3/6/2021 | Elk City Hamfest | Location: Elk City, OK
4/2/2021 | Ozark Con – 4 States QRP | Location: Branson, MO
4/9-10/2021| Green Country Hamfest | Location: Claremore, OK
5/21-23/2021 | Dayton Hamvention | Location: Xenia, OH
6/17-19/2021 | Ham-Com | Location: Plano, TX
7/23-24/2021 | Ham Holiday | Location: OCCC – Oklahoma City, OK
9/10-11/2021 | Arkansas State Convention | Location: Mena, AR
9/24/2021 | Reno County KS Hamfest | Location: Hutchinson, KS
10/22-23/2021 | Texoma Hamarama Hamfest | Location: Ardmore, OK
11/6/2021 | Enid Hamfest | Location: Enid, OK
8/27-28/2021 | Joplin Hamfest | Location: Joplin, MO
10/02/2021 | Wichita Area Hamfest | Location: Wichita, KS

The ARRL maintains a list of all US hamfests if you would like to travel. Click here for the ARRL list of those within 250 miles.

SCARS Is On The Web — Menu

News, links, repeater info, hamfests, licensing, and more are linked from the menu sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG!

Podcast: On The Air — Menu

The On the Air podcast is a companion to the bi-monthly On the Air magazine (an ARRL membership benefit) and takes a deeper dive into select features and projects. Each month, host and On the Air Editorial Director Becky Schoenfeld W1BXY will offer additional resources, techniques, and hints to help you get the most from the magazine’s content.

Audio Link

ARRL On the Air – Episode 8

The ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative is for everyone — not just college students. Find out more!

The “On The Air” podcast homepage is available by clicking here.

ARRL DX Bulletin — Menu

ARLD035 DX news

QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 35  ARLD035
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  August 27, 2020
To all radio amateurs   

ARLD035 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL, Contest Corral
from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites.  Thanks
to all.

GEORGIA, 4L.  Peter, HB9DVG is QRV as 4L/G4ENL while working at a
hydropower plant here.  Activity is in his spare time on the HF
bands using CW, SSB and FT8.  His length of stay is unknown.  QSL
direct to home call.

MALTA, 9H.  Reiner, DL2AAZ will be QRV with special call 9H3SAT from
Gozo, IOTA EU-023, during the month of September.  Activity will be
on the HF bands and 6 meters, and especially on Satellite QO-100,
using CW and SSB from grid square locator JM76cb.  QSL to home call.

MALAYSIA, 9M.  To celebrate the 63rd anniversary of Malaysia's
independence, a number of special event stations in both East and
West Malaysia will be QRV with the 9M63 prefix on August 30 and 31.
QSL via operators' instructions.

CHILE, CE.  Members of the Radio Club Traiguen are QRV with special
event calls CB6T, CB6Q, CB6P and CB6TEB to commemorate the arrival
131 years ago of the first railroad in Traiguen.  QSL direct to

SPAIN, EA.  Special event stations EG1SDC to EG9SDC and EH1SDC to
EH9SDC will be QRV from September 1 to 13 to celebrate the feast day
of Asturias and its patron saint, Santina de Covadonga.  QSL all
calls via EA1AUM.

REUNION ISLAND, FR.  Chris, F8FPY is QRV as FR8TG from Le Guillaume.
Activity is on various HF and VHF bands using mostly CW with some
SSB and FT8.  QSL direct.

ENGLAND, G.  Special event station GB5ST will be QRV on September 1
to celebrate the TV series Star Trek and its various spin-offs.  QSL
via bureau.  In addition, members of the Royal Air Force Amateur
Radio Society will be QRV with special call GB800BOB from September
1 to 28 to commemorate the Battle of Britain.  QSL via 2E0NDZ.

BULGARIA, LZ.  Members of the Bulgarian Radio Club Blagovestnik will
be QRV with special call sign LZ595IP during the month of September
to honor the memory of Orthodox saints.  QSL via bureau.

GREENLAND, OX. Bo, OZ1DJJ is QRV as OX3LX from Aasiaat Island, IOTA
NA-134, and possibly islands Upernavik and Uummannaq until September
20.  QSL via OZ0J.
ARUBA, P4.  Members of the Aruba Amateur Radio Club will be QRV with
special event call P42WW during the month of September to
commemorate the end of World War II.  QSL via P41G.

GREECE, SV.  Pol, SV1AHH and George, SV1GGF will be QRV with special
event call SX1AFM during September to mark the 70th anniversary of
the Hellenic Air Force History Museum.  Activity will be on 80 to 6
meters using all modes.  QSL via LoTW.

ICELAND, TF.  Norbert, DJ7JC is QRV as TF/DJ7JC until October 18.
Activity is holiday style on 160 to 10 meters using CW, RTTY and
FT8.  QSL via DJ5BWD.

EUROPEAN RUSSIA, UA.  Members of the Moscow city branch of the Radio
Amateur Union of Russia are QRV as RA75RA until September 3 to
commemorate the 75th anniversary of the national nuclear industry.
QSL via R2ATC.

HONG KONG, VR.  Special call sign VR2HK9O is QRV until May 31, 2021
to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Hong Kong Amateur Radio
Transmitting Society.  QSL via VR2HK.

SOUTH SUDAN, Z8.  Diya, YI1DZ is QRV as Z81D from Juba until
November 10 while working for the UN World Food Programme.  Activity
is on the HF bands in his free time using mostly FT8.  QSL via

RTTYOps World Wide RTTY, Feld Hell Sprint, ALARA Contest, YO DX HF
Contest, W/VE Islands QSO Party, World Wide Digi DX Contest, Kansas
QSO Party, Kentucky State Parks on the Air, RTTYOPS Weekend Sprint,
SARL HF CW Contest and QCX CW Challenge are all on tap for this
upcoming weekend.

The RTTYOPS Weeksprint, Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest and QCX
CW Challenge are scheduled for September 1.

The VHF-UHF FT8 Activity Contest, G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key
Contest, UKEICC 80-Meter SSB Contest, Phone Fray and CWops Mini-CWT
Test are scheduled for September 2.

Please see August 2020 QST, page 69, September 2020 QST, page 71,
and ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM Contest websites for details.

The latest ARRL DX Bulletin is always at the top hereARRL DX Bulletin

Amateur Radio Newsline — Menu




The Amateur Radio Newsline can be found at

Ham Nation — Menu

Orlando HamCation 2021 is on the Club Spotlight with Michael Cauley and Mike Banigan, coast guard distress frequencies with Gordo, Amateur Radio Newsline with Don, Frank Howell K4FMH with a contest that evens the board no matter your equipment, wire strippers with George, your questions with Amanda and more!

The last half-dozen or so episodes are linked right here: Ham Nation

73 de Mark N5HZR

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