SCARS News May 6, 2021

Meeting Saturday: OU Amateur Radio Balloons — Menu

This semester Dr. Thomas Hays KI5AIF has held an Aerospace Capstone class called Aerosat. The four students in this class, Eric Davidson KI5OLJ, Amber Marshall KI5OLM, Tu Nguyen KI5OLO, and Vincent Webster KI5OLS have launched four balloons already, and have plans for one more. All four have received their amateur radio licenses and have joined SCARS. More information on their efforts is available on the SCARS balloon page. They will talk about their work with the QRP-Labs LightAPRS-W transmitter board. Watch to learn how these hydrogen balloons work, and see if you might want to start some club launches.

SCARS meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month on Zoom / YouTube / Telephone. The club meeting begins at 09:30. Guests are always welcome! Join us Saturday, at 9:00 am, using the Zoom conference system. Load up the Zoom software, and then click this link at You can join using 893 9952 6291 password w5nor. Or, to watch the fun, click the YouTube play button here, or at …

With the SCARS Exam Team — Menu

By Peter Laws N5UWY

Well past the date when the FCC said they were enacting the rule required by Congress to charge an application fee for license applications and there is still no word on a date. 

So, same as last time, get those renewals done (you can renew 90 days before your license expires) or upgrades completed and avoid the fee.  Contact me,, if you need assistance with renewal.

But wait … there’s more!  In widely unreported news, the FCC has announced that Technician-class amateurs can now easily expand their operating privileges.  All a licensee needs to do is take a simple, 35-question multiple-choice test.  If the candidate passes, they get access to every single amateur band allowed under US law (with a few small exceptions) at a full 1500 W where permitted.  Register at  if you are interested.  The entire list of answers (and questions) for this special exam is linked here: 

Next session is May 6th, usual time (1830 CDT), usual place (Norman Fire Station 7). The next test is June 3rd!

Flying Hams Podcast — Menu

By Dan Hileman WX5WX former WO5WO


I NEED YOU!!! I am working on a Flying Hams Podcast for Ham Radio and Aviation Enthusiasts, as well as Inspiring/Mentoring youth!  I am currently working on the Script/Outline for the first episode and need Interesting Aviation and Amateur Radio stories to be used in the podcast. As a new Inner- City Middle School Science Teacher I also see a huge lack of Self-esteem/Motivation and Dreams in today’s Youth.

Soooo, I also want to have interesting people on the show that have interesting careers to help explain what it takes and how they got into their career field. Stories of triumph over the odds would be fantastic as well! So, to recap, IF you have an interesting story of Aviation or Ham radio or both…. An interesting career I could interview you about, please Email me at Thank you for your help!!


QRZ055: Details of Zedd’s Atlantis Feat — Menu

This ongoing series was written by SCARS charter member SK Jack Bickham WB5TZZ / KU5B. Jack was a prolific novelist, his two most known works were turned into the movies “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, and “Bakers Hawk.” These 104 Q. R. Zedd articles were originally published in the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs (CORA) Newsletter, the Collector & Emitter from September 1981 through April 1990, and are hosted on the SCARS web site. We are reprinting this series to provide you with a glimpse of the past.

Originally published in the March 1986 issue of the C&E.

LONDON — Q. R. Zedd, A5A, world’s greatest DXer, became the first member of Great Britain’s Order of the Yagi today.

The presentation, which included a tap on the shoulder with a piece of RG8U by the Queen and a night at the nearest disco with Princess Di, was in recognition of the Sooner ace’s great exploits in amateur radio.

The new award was created for Zedd.

As she swatted Zedd with the coax, the queen specifically mentioned his activation of the lost continent of Atlantis on all bands, all modes, a month ago.

“Sweetheart,” said the queen, “when I turned on my KWM2 and heard you QRZ from under the sea, it really turned me on.”

Zedd said he was glad to have worked the queen on three bands during the expedition. The queen handed him her QSL cards on the spot and asked when the Atlantis QSLs would be going on.

“Soon,” Zedd told her. “Say, queen, where are your IRCs? I don’t see your IRCs in this envelope.”

The disco scene with Princess Di was a glamorous event, attended also by Jacques Cousteau, who danced a lot with N5IAA, and such luminaries as Elton John and W5NUT. Zedd taught Di a few new steps and she was thrilled.

Tondelayo Schwartz, Zedd’s blonde, nubile, QSL secretary and constant companion, may have been jealous.

“I think Tondelayo may be jealous,” a reporter for the Times of London keenly observed right after Tondelayo tore Princess Di’s hair out and dumped a 40-gallon punch bowl over her newly bald head.

As to worldwide reaction in the aftermath of Zedd’s historic DXpedition, there were already 15,000 QSL cards in Box 1, Norman, Okla., the proper route for those who worked the great one’s team.

In Russia, Soviet DX ace Boris Badenov issued a statement congratulating Zedd on his latest feat, but saying that Russians had first worked amateur radio from Atlantis in 1355 B.C., when it was still above the water.

“Is like everything else, great Russian radio sportsmen did it first and best,” Badenov added, ‘But as greatest in world, I congratulate crummy capitalist pig, my good friend, that swine, Zepp, Zipp, what is his name.”

Zedd’s underwater team worked 66 K on 12 or 13 bands, using battery power for exciters and nuclear power supplied via cable for the linears from the USS Yagi, the nuclear submarine floating above. Rigs were sealed in plastic trash bags with capacitive feed to the antennas, waterproof coax going up to buoy-supported beams on the sea surface. Special Twinkle and Coors dispensers were used.

Now that first things have been done first, it was reported that 14 nations are planning investigations at the site of the lost continent, a subject of myth since the time of the ancient Greeks. National Geographic and Disneyworld are also planning visits. As a special mark of distinction, Zedd and his party left their coax connectors on the site of the expedition, so that future visitors can touch them and get a thrill.

At presstime, the first worldwide sensation over Zedd®s latest and greatest exploit had begun to subside only a bit. But biomes Zedd, a member of the team, had already jetted back to her home in Mena, Arkansas, and Zedd himself, with Tondelayo at his side after their post-disco reconciliation, was reported preparing to spend a few well-earned days of rest on the French Riviera.

The good news for hams everywhere was that the great man was seen packing a Kenwood 430 for the trip to the beach. The bad news was that the only antenna anyone saw was a little six-element Yagi.

Tondelayo had her keyer.


New/Upgraded Hams

Please join the SCARS Exam Team in welcoming the following new amateurs to the air:

Dustin, KI5PFE
Eric, KI5PFF

each of whom earned Technician class licenses as well asTom, KI5PFGwho earned a General class license. Please also congratulate:

Mark, KI5NRZ

each of whom upgraded to General class as well as:

Douglas, KE5CKE

who upgraded to Amateur Extra class.
All tested last evening at the firehouse under pandemic precautions.

Congratulations to all!

Next Exam Session:  May 6

Dates to Remember — Menu

Newsletter News — Menu

Sorry for the delay this week. We had an issue with one of the articles, but it’s all OK now!

This newsletter is announced in several places. Feel free to subscribe to the way that suits you best. If you’re an email person, you can subscribe by visiting If you’re a Twitter person, visit us at And each newsletter announcement is posted on the Facebook group at And, if you like to search this yourself, you can go straight to the newsletter at Any way you found the newsletter, we’re glad you made it.

And, this newsletter should be for, and about, you. If you have a neat build project to share, an interesting QSO, a new radio review, a new idea, an upcoming event, a member spotlight, or if you’d like to help produce the newsletter, please send an email at These don’t have to be polished articles; we’ll edit as required. Don’t forget a picture or two. That picture is worth a thousand words.

Local Hamfests — Menu

Briefly, here’s the list of the upcoming local hamfests. Hamfests are always great places to buy new equipment, sell your underused equipment, and find that great flea market bargain. They are always a great place to meet local hams and learn some new tricks.

5/21-23/2021 | Dayton Hamvention | Location: Xenia, OH — ONLINE – Sign Up For Free Now
Ham-Com | Location: Plano, TX — CANCELED
6/12/2021 | Radio Shack Sidewalk Sale | Location: Derby, KS — On Schedule
6/12/2021 | Pryor Tailgate Event | Location: Pryor, OK — On Schedule
7/23-24/2021 | Ham Holiday | Location: OCCC – Oklahoma City, OK — CANCELED
8/27-28/2021 | Joplin Hamfest | Location: Joplin, MO — No Status, yet
9/10-11/2021 | Arkansas State Convention | Location: Mena, AR — No Status, yet
9/16-17/2021 | Duke City Hamfiesta | Location: Albuquerque, NM — CANCELED
9/24/2021 | Reno County KS Hamfest | Location: Hutchinson, KS — No Status, yet
10/02/2021 | Wichita Area Hamfest | Location: Wichita, KS — No Status, yet
10/22-23/2021 | Hamarama Holiday 2021 Hamfest | Location: Ardmore, OK — On Schedule
11/5-6/2021 | Enid Hamfest | Location: Enid, OK — On Schedule
3/5/2022 | Elk City Hamfest | Location: Elk City, OK
4/8-9/2022| Green Country Hamfest | Location: Claremore, OK
7/22-23/2022 | Ham Holiday | Location: OCCC – Oklahoma City, OK
4/1/2022 | Ozark Con – 4 States QRP | Location: Branson, MO
4/8-9/2022| Green Country Hamfest | Location: Claremore, OK
5/20-22/2022 | Dayton Hamvention | Location: Xenia, OH
9/16-18/2022 | Duke City Hamfiesta | Location: Albuquerque, NM

The ARRL maintains a list of all US hamfests if you would like to travel. Click here for the ARRL list of those within 250 miles.

SCARS Is On The Web — Menu

News, links, repeater info, hamfests, licensing, and more are linked from the menu sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG!

Podcast: On The Air — Menu

The On the Air podcast is a companion to the bi-monthly On the Air magazine (an ARRL membership benefit) and takes a deeper dive into select features and projects. Each month, host and On the Air Editorial Director Becky Schoenfeld W1BXY will offer additional resources, techniques, and hints to help you get the most from the magazine’s content.

Audio Link

This month it’s all about Parks On The Air — one of the most popular activities in amateur radio today. We chat with Audrey Hance, KN4TMU, who recently enjoyed her first Parks On The Air “activation.”

ARRL On the Air – Episode 16

The “On The Air” podcast homepage is available by clicking here.

ARRL DX Bulletin — Menu

ARLD017 DX news

QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 17  ARLD017
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  April 29, 2021
To all radio amateurs   

ARLD017 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
K1CC, WB6Z, The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL,
Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web
sites.  Thanks to all.

FIJI, 3D2.  Dom, 3D2DOM and Joanne, 3D2ZK are QRV from Nandi.  QSL
to home calls.

AZERBAIJAN, 4J.  Special event station 4J880M is QRV to celebrate
the 880th birthday of the writer and philosopher Nizami Ganjavi.
QSL direct to 4J3DJ.

TONGA, A3.  Masa, JA0RQV is QRV as A35JP from Tongatapu Island, IOTA
OC-049, until October.  In addition, he will try to be QRV from some
outer islands such as Niuatoputapu, IOTA OC-191, Niuafo'ou, IOTA
OC-123, Vava'u, IOTA OC-064, and Ha'apai, IOTA OC-169.  Activity is
on 80 to 6 meters using CW, SSB and FT8.  QSL direct to home call.

BELARUS, EU.  Special event station EV76M is QRV during May to
celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Victory in Minsk in World War
II.  QSL via LoTW.

REUNION ISLAND, FR.  Phil, F5TRO and Ann, F5BSB will be QRV as FR8UA
and FR8TZ, respectively, during May.  Activity will be on 80 to 6
meters using CW, SSB and various digital modes.  QSL direct to home

SWITZERLAND, HB.  Special event call sign HB90BERO is QRV until July
31 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Beromuenster medium wave
AM broadcasting station.  Activity is on all bands using CW, SSB,
AM, FM, and various digital modes.  This includes some activity on
Satellite QO-100.  QSL via LoTW.

REPUBLIC OF KOREA, HL.  Lee, HL1IWD is QRV as HL1IWD/4 from the
Kogunsan Islands, IOTA AS-148, until May 3.  Activity is on 40 to 20
meters using CW and some FT8.  He will try to be active as HL1IWD/3
on Anmyon Island, IOTA AS-080.  QSL via EA5GL.

JAPAN, JA.  Special event station 8J1ITU is QRV until May 31 to
celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the International
Telecommunications Union's World Telecommunication and Information
Society Day on May 17.  QSL via bureau.

OGASAWARA, JD1.  Harry, JG7PSJ is QRV as JD1BMH from Chichijima,
IOTA AS-031, until May 7.  Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using CW,
SSB and RTTY.  QSL direct to JG7PSJ.

MONGOLIA, JT.  Members of the JTDXA Team are QRV with special event
call sign JU100DX until July 10 to celebrate Mongolia's 100th
anniversary of independence until July 10.  QSL via JT1CH.

LITHUANIA, LY.  Special event call sign LY57BC will be QRV from May
1 to June 1 to celebrate the 57th Baltic Contest.  QSL via
operators' instructions.

POLAND, SP.  Members of the SP6PAZ radio club will be QRV with
special event call SO100PS from May 1 to 31 to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the third Silesian Uprising.  Activity will be on 160
to 2 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8 and FT4.  QSL via SP6PAZ.

KAZAKHSTAN, UN.  Special event call sign UP55L is QRV until May 20
to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Youth School Radio Station
in Kostanay.  QSL direct to RW6HS.
FALKLAND ISLANDS, VP8.  Matthew, M0ZMS is QRV as VP8ZMS from the
British Air Force Base in Mount Pleasant.  Activity is in his spare
time on the HF bands using CW and various digital modes.  QSL to
home call.

INDONESIA, YB.  Special event station 8A250GNR is QRV until May 2 to
celebrate 250 years of Gianyar City.  Activity is on 80 and 40
meters using SSB, and 2 meters using FM.  QSL via operators'
LATVIA, YL.  Hans, YL3JD is QRV with special call sign YL50AGCW
during May in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Telegraphy
Working Group.  Activity is on 160, 80, 40, and 20 meters using CW.
QSL via LoTW.

Sprint, NCCC CW Sprint, K1USN Slow Speed CW Test, Araucaria World
Wide VHF Contest, 10-10 International Spring CW Contest, RCC Cup,
SBMS 2.3 GHz and Up Contest and Club Challenge, Microwave Spring
Sprint, ARI International DX Contest, F9AA Digi Cup, AGCW QRP/QRP CW
Party, 7th Call Area QSO Party, Indiana QSO Party, FISTS Saturday CW
Sprint and Delaware QSO Party will certainly keep contesters busy
this upcoming weekend.

The K1USN Slow Speed CW Test and OK1WC Memorial are scheduled for
May 3.

The MIE 33 Contest, RTTYOPS Weeksprint, ARS Spartan CW Sprint and
Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest are scheduled for May 4.
The RSGB FT4 Contest Series, VHF-UHF FT8 Activity Contest, Phone
Fray and CWops Mini-CWT Test are scheduled for May 5.

Please see April QST, page 75, May QST, page 71, and the ARRL and
WA7BNM contest web sites for details.

The latest ARRL DX Bulletin is always at the top hereARRL DX Bulletin

Amateur Radio Newsline — Menu




The Amateur Radio Newsline can be found at

W5KUB – Amateur Radio Roundtable Video

Tonight we go live with Paul Daniels VK0PD down in Casey Station, Antarctica.

The W5KUB YouTube channel link is here: W5KUB YouTube.

Ham Nation — Menu

Thank you for watching Ham Nation Episode 492! Tonight we speak with George Thomas and Ray Novak on Amateur Logic TV. Gordon visits with Roland Hoffman, KC6JPG on Amateur Television Network. Randy shows off some of his new gear, Don brings us Amateur Radio Newsline and Amanda talks with John Dean, K0JDD about NetLogger.

The last half-dozen or so episodes are linked right here: Ham Nation

73 de Mark N5HZR

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