SCARS News November 8, 2022

Meeting Saturday: Hospital Radio Network — Menu

Lavone Anderson KG5GWO will talk about the Hospital Radio Network that’s starting in Central Oklahoma.

The Hospital Radio Network (HRN) is a group of Oklahoma amateur radio operators that work to link Oklahoma Hospitals using amateur radio (hams). The hams can design, and build technical systems to connect local hospitals to our infrastructure. While they bring radios, headsets, and connection tools, the most important part of our service is the amateur radio operator. These people hail from a wide variety of professions and are trained and skilled critical thinkers that are used to solving problems on the fly. They tend to work well with others and can capitalize on the strengths of the group to keep moving forward.

The HRN has a number of programs that can be used at hospitals to solve the communications needs of each facility. Lavone will have all of the details during the presentation, and if you would like to know more about the project, visit

Come to see how amateur radio can help hospitals and learn how you can get involved.

SCARS meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month (3rd during April for the Green Country hamfest) at Norman’s Firehouse 7, 2207 Goddard Ave, Norman, OK, and online via Zoom / YouTube / Telephone. The monthly presentation starts at 9:30 am. The club meeting begins at 10:30 am. Guests are always welcome! Join us Saturday, at 9:00 am for coffee and donuts. To join Zoom, load up the Zoom software, and then click this link at You can join using 893 9952 6291 password w5nor. Or, to watch the fun, click the YouTube play button here, or at …

See you there!

Elmer Nights — Menu

In the amateur radio world, an Elmer is someone who helps another amateur learn about the hobby. At SCARS, we have an ongoing Elmer program and actively work to help each other. Join us each Tuesday, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, at Norman’s Fire House #7, 2207 Goddard Ave, Norman, OK, or by using Zoom. Load up the Zoom software, and then click this link You can also join using 893 9952 6291 password w5nor. If you have a question and you can’t, won’t, or are too polite<G> to ask it, feel free to drop it in the chat. Someone will ask it for you!

There are typically 25+ of us in the Fire House, and another dozen or so on the Zoom channel. There’s always something to do, watch, or help with. Bring your project radios, your problems, or just something that you’re proud of.

You can also join by telephone by calling 346-248-7799. This is a TOLL call. Long-distance charges to Houston will apply (unless your phone plan covers long-distance calls). Use meeting number 893 9952 6291#, press # for participant number, and password 806721#.

Special Notice for December 6th

And, as a special notice, to help us celebrate the SCARS Christmas party, the December 6th in-person Elmer Night will be canceled!!! The Zoom channel will still be active, for those that want to meet online that night. See you at the Golden Corral!

Hamfests FollowUp — Menu

Last weekend was the Enid hamfest, the fifth and final full-blown hamfest of the season, in Oklahoma. If you’re not familiar with a hamfest, think of it like a convention, fleamarket, vendor show, raffle, and ‘family reunion’, all wrapped up into one package. Each hamfest is run by a set of dedicated amateur radio operators that spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make them happen.

One popular component of a hamfest is the raffle. This year the SCARS community was very fortunate and took home a lot of the major prizes. Ask WX5MOR how he likes his new ICOM 705 operating package that he won in Ardmore, or how KJ7EFF is using the Yaesu 991A that he won at the Enid Hamfest. Plus many others took home radios, t-shirts, books, coupons, and tickets.

For your 2023 planning purposes, the Elk City hamfest starts off the year on the first weekend of March. The Green Country hamfest runs in the middle of April. The Oklahoma City Ham Holiday hamfest runs at the end of July. Ardmore’s Hamarama hamfest is at the end of October, which brings us back to Enid in early November. The detailed dates are still being decided for 2023, but if you want more information on any of the hamfests, you can visit

New/Upgraded Hams

Please join the SCARS Exam Team in welcoming the following new amateurs to the air:

William, KI5YAC

who earned a General class license as well as:

Jordan, KI5HRY

who upgraded to General.

Congratulations to all!

Upcoming Exam Sessions: December 1.

Dates to Remember — Menu

  • SCARS Elmer Nights – Every Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Join us in person at Norman Firehouse #7 – 2207 Goddard – Norman, OK 73069 and on Zoom at
  • SCARS Meeting – November 12, 2022, presentation starts at 9:30 am – Lavone Anderson KG5GWO will talk about the Hospital Radio Network that’s starting in Central Oklahoma. Come to see how amateur radio can help hospitals and learn how you can get involved. Join us in person at Norman Firehouse #7 – 2207 Goddard – Norman, OK 73069 and on Zoom at or simply watch the fun on YouTube at All meetings/presentations are recorded so you can stream them later from the SCARS YouTube channel.
  • SCARS December 1, 2022, License Test – 6:30 pm – Norman Firehouse #7 – 2207 Goddard – Norman, OK 73069

Newsletter News — Menu

This newsletter is announced in several places. Feel free to subscribe the way that suits you best. If you’re an email person, you can subscribe by visiting If you’re a Twitter person, visit us at And each newsletter announcement is posted on the Facebook group at And, if you like to search this yourself, you can go straight to the newsletter at Any way you found the newsletter, we’re glad you made it.

And, this newsletter should be for, and about, you. If you have a neat build project to share, an interesting QSO, a new radio review, a new idea, an upcoming event, a member spotlight, or if you’d like to help produce the newsletter, please send an email at These don’t have to be polished articles; we’ll edit as required. Don’t forget a picture or two. Those pictures are worth a thousand words.

Local Hamfests — Menu

Briefly, here’s the list of the upcoming local hamfests. Hamfests are always great places to buy new equipment, sell your underused equipment, and find that great flea market bargain. They are always a great place to meet local hams and learn some new tricks.

3/4/2023 | Elk City Hamfest | Location: Elk City, OK
4/7-8/2023 | Green Country Hamfest | Location: Claremore, OK
4/8/2023 | Ozark Con4 States QRP | Location: Branson, MO
5/19-21/2023 | Dayton Hamvention | Location: Xenia, OH
7/28-29/2023 | Ham Holiday | Location: OCCC – Oklahoma City, OK
8/12/2023 | Reno County KS Hamfest | Location: Hutchinson, KS
8/25-26/2023 | Joplin Hamfest | Location: Joplin, MO
9/9-10/2023 | Arkansas State Convention | Location: Mena, AR
9/16/2023 | Ponca City Tailgate | Location: Ponca City, OK
9/16-18/2023 | Duke City Hamfiesta | Location: Albuquerque, NM
9/24/2023 | Springfield MO Hamfest | Location: Springfield, MO
10/01/2023 | Wichita Area Hamfest | Location: Wichita, KS
10/27-28/2023 | Hamarama Hamfest | Location: Ardmore, OK
11/4/2023 | Enid Hamfest | Location: Enid, OK

The ARRL maintains a list of all US hamfests if you would like to travel. Click here for the ARRL list of those within 250 miles.

SCARS Is On The Web — Menu

News, links, repeater info, hamfests, licensing, and more are linked from the menu sidebar at the SCARS Homepage – W5NOR.ORG!

Podcast: On The Air — Menu

The On the Air podcast is a companion to the bi-monthly On the Air magazine (an ARRL membership benefit) and takes a deeper dive into select features and projects. Each month, host Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY offers additional resources, techniques, and hints to help you get the most from the magazine’s content.

Audio Link

ARRL’s On The Air – Basic Gear for Public Service

Just over two weeks ago Hurricane Ian devastated Sanibel Island and southwestern Florida. It caused tens of billions of dollars of damage and killed more than 100 people. Arc Thames, W4CPD, the Section Emergency Coordinator of ARRL’s Northern Florida Section and Emergency Coordinator of Santa Rosa County Florida, passed traffic during the storm and shares some of his experiences. He discusses gear for ARES deployments (An HT is just fine!) and what you need to know before going out in the field.

For more information on prepping for EmComm, check out the article, “Basic Gear for Public Service” in the September/October 2022 issue of On the Air magazine.

The “On The Air” podcast homepage is available by clicking here.

ARRL DX Bulletin — Menu

ARLD044 DX news

QST de W1AW  
DX Bulletin 44  ARLD044
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  November 3, 2022
To all radio amateurs   

ARLD044 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by
LU5AG, ON3XI, The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, DXNL,
Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web
sites.  Thanks to all.

TANZANIA, 5H.  Jeff, K5DJR is QRV as 5H2JC from Same until November
6 while on a mission trip.  Activity is in his spare time on 40 and
20 meters using mainly SSB and PSK31.  QSL via LoTW.

MADAGASCAR, 5R.  Eiki, JH8JWF is QRV as 5R8AS from Ivato,
Talatamaty, IOTA AF-013, until November 6.  Activity is on 80 to 6
meters using FT8.  QSL via LoTW.

GHANA, 9G.  Dave, AB0GC is QRV as 9G1SD from the Wenchi, Brong
Region.  Activity is on 17 to 6 meters using FT8 and FT4 at various
times during the day.  QSL direct to home call.

KUWAIT, 9K.  Members of the Kuwait Amateur Radio Society are QRV as
9K2F from Failaka Island, IOTA AS-118, until November 9.  Activity
is on 80 to 10 meters using CW, SSB, and FT8.  QSL via 9K2HN.

TONGA, A3.  Stan, LZ1GC and Ivan, LZ1PM are QRV as A35GC from
Tongatapu, IOTA OC-049, until November 20.  Activity is on 160 to 6
meters using CW, SSB, RTTY, and FT8 with two stations.  QSL via

MOROCCO, CN.  Special event station CN47MS is QRV until November 10
and will commemorate the 47th anniversary of the Green March.
Activity is on the HF bands using CW, SSB, and various digital
modes.  This includes activity on Satellite QO-100.  QSL via CN8WW.

URUGUAY, CX.  Special event station CX100B is QRV until November 30
to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Radio Paradizabal broadcasting
for the first time beginning on November 2, 1922.  QSL via CX1AA.

THAILAND, HS.  Lars, SM6NT is QRV as HS0ZME from Hua Hin and is here
until April 2, 2023.  Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using mainly
CW.  QSL to home call.

DJIBOUTI, J2.  Members of the Mediterraneo DX Club are QRV as J28MD
until November 7.  Activity is on the HF bands, with a focus on the
low and new bands, using CW, SSB, and various digital modes.  QSL
via IK2VUC.

MARIANA ISLANDS, KH0.  Harry, JG7PSJ is QRV as WH0RU from Saipan,
IOTA OC-086, until November 6.  Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using
CW and SSB.  QSL to home call.

ARGENTINA, LU.  Members of the Radio Club ARM Belgrano will be QRV
with special event stations LU4AAO, LU4AAO/A and LU4AAO/D from
November 5 to 13 for Tradition Day, which celebrates the birthday of
Jose Hernandez.  Activity will be on the HF and V/UHF bands using
CW, SSB, SSTV, and FT8.  Activity will include being on the FM
Satellites.  QSL direct to LU4AAO.

BELGIUM, ON.  Special event station OR78CLM is QRV until November 6
to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the liberation in
Knokke-Heist by Canadian troops.  Activity is on all HF bands using
CW, FT8, FT4, and DMR.  QSL via ON6HC.

BRAZIL, PY.  Special event station ZW200ESQ is QRV until November 30
to celebrate the bicentennial of the Brazilian Navy.  Activity is on
80 meters to 70 centimeters using CW, SSB, various digital modes,
and on the FM Satellites.  QSL via bureau.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, P2.  A large group of operators are QRV as P29RO
from Loloata Island, IOTA OC-240, until November 10.  Activity is on
all bands and modes.  QSL via DL4SVA.

GREECE, SV.  A group of operators are QRV as SX22HAF until November
30 to celebrate Hellenic Air Force Day.  Activity is on all bands
using CW, SSB, and various digital modes.  QSL via LoTW.

BANABA ISLAND, T3.  Members of the Rebel DX Group are QRV as T33T
until November 15.  Activity is on 160 to 6 meters using FT8 in
DXpedition mode.  QSL via LoTW.

PALAU, T8.  A group of operators are QRV as T88WA from Koror Island,
IOTA OC-009, until November 14.  Activity is on 160 to 6 meters
using CW, SSB, and FT8.  QSL via M0URX.

MALI, TZ.  Jeff, TZ4AM is QRV from Bamako and is active on 40 to 6
meters using CW and SSB.  QSL via KX4R.

INDONESIA, YB.  Amir, YB9IPY/p is QRV from the Rajaampat Islands,
IOTA OC-239, until November 8.  Activity is on the HF bands using
only FT8.  QSL direct to IK2DUW.

ST. HELENA, ZD7.  Christopher, HB9FIY will be QRV as ZD7CA from
November 5 to 26.  Activity will be in his spare time on 40 to 10
meters using SSB, PSK31, and RTTY.  QSL via EA5GL.

80-Meter CW Fox Hunt, NCCC RTTY Sprint, NCCC CW Sprint, K1USN Slow
Speed CW Test, Gunung Jati DX SSB Contest, EANET Sprint and High
Speed Club CW Contest will certainly keep contesters busy this
upcoming weekend.

The ICWC Medium Speed CW Test, OK1WC CW Memorial, RSGB 80-Meter
Autumn Data Series, Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest, ARS Spartan
CW Sprint, ICWC Medium Speed Test, RTTYOPS Weeksprint, QRP 40-Meter
CW Fox Hunt, Phone Weekly Test, A1Club AWT, CWops Test, VHF-UHF FT8
Activity Contest, Mini-Test 40 and Mini-Test 80 are on tap for
November 7 to 9.

Please see November QST, page 77, and the ARRL and WA7BNM Contest
web sites for details.

The latest ARRL DX Bulletin is always at the top hereARRL DX Bulletin

Amateur Radio Newsline — Menu




The Amateur Radio Newsline can be found at

W5KUB – Amateur Radio Roundtable Video

Tonight update about our ham radio balloon launches from Antarctica. Reviewing a new spectrum Analyzer the Rigol DSA815-TG, plus more

The W5KUB YouTube channel link is here: W5KUB YouTube.

Ham Nation / Ham Radio Workbench — Menu

These two podcasts are published bi-weekly, so we alternate them in this space.

Open Headset Standard Interface with Mark N6MTS

The recent Ham Nation episodes are linked right here Ham Nation.
The most recent Ham Radio Workbench episodes are linked right here Ham Radio Workbench.

73 de Mark N5HZR

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