SCARS Post- Field Day Newsletter, June 29, 2015

What is Field Day – Epilogue: First Pass . . .
N5OP Field Day Remote . . .
Officers, and odd-links . . .
Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles _…_._

What is Field Day – Epilogue: First Pass

Field Day 2015 has come and gone, and while I do not have an accurate numeric tally, I can tell you some ballpark numbers: [Note: The Immediate Past-President will correct my numbers as required!]

SCARS Members who signed-in sometime during the weekend: almost 60
Non-SCARS Amateurs who signed-in: over 20
Non-Amateurs who either came on-purpose or just happened by: over 20
Band conditions: Uniformly unpredictable
Digital contacts made (vast majority were CW): about 300
Phone contacts made: about 300
Fun Quotient: Very High

There are so very many people to thank for making this year’s event successful that I know I’ll miss some, but let me single-out a few:
SCARS Secretary and Field Day Coordinator,  Chris Pape, KE5JZN
Moore Emergency Manager, Gayland Kitch – WX5MOR
Norman Emergency Manager, David Grizzle – KD5ZLG
Oklahoma State Department of Health
President Phil and Rhlonda (KF5OZR), Norman Emergency Management, for keeping us fed
Immediate Past-President Bill for accosting everyone and making them sign-in

Here are some pictures and sources (if I know them).

[as always, click images to make BIGGER!]


The OSDH crew and SCARS folks get ready to unload and setup the wonderfully Air Conditioned “Western Shelter”
(Gayland Kitch)


Here is what the Western Shelter looked like once assembled
(Loren Shirk)


Someone “vandalized” the Reaves Park restrooms, so Norman EM, David, arranged for these!
(David Grizzle)


6 Meter and Phone positions in the west-end of the shelter
(Gayland Kitch)


Harold and Rodney holding forth at the Phone position
(Gayland Kitch)


Six Meter Action
(Gayland Kitch)


Some Old Man talking with a Young Amateur and Young Potential Amateur about GOTA station How-To-Do-It
(Gayland Kitch)


A few of the gathered many for Supper Saturday evening
(David Grizzle)


Rhlonda at the grill
(David Grizzle)


Some of the Sunday Tear-Down Crew
(Gayland Kitch)

It was a great Field Day. I hope to have more pictures for next week’s newsletter.

N5OP Field Day Remote

N5OP, Kim, is in Hays, Kansas working a Field Project for NSSL/OU, and OF COURSE he took his portable gear with him so that he could work from his temporary quarters in Hays! Here’s his email with pictures below:

I couldn’t participate in SCARS FD for a second year in a row. But, I played a bit it from my apartment In Hays, KS, from the PECAN field project. My rates were pretty poor mainly because I think my antenna is not up to SCARS standards. I managed 225 CW QSOs during mainly hunt and pounce. Later in the night, I could hold a frequency but the rate was poor. I kept looking for W5NOR on 40 m CW (the best propagation to that area from here) but never heard you. I snagged 3 or 4 OK stations, but none were SCARS 😦

Antenna is a 60-70 ft random wire from a 2nd story apartment window (magnet wire, so it’s stretching and getting longer by the day) and counterpoise all fed through a 9:1 UN-UN and a tuner; rig is my TS-930S. The set up seems to work better than I expected. Something like ~20 DX stations from here so far, mainly on 20 m at night.

I attached some pictures in case anyone is interested.

His Station setup:


Feedline exit under window (doesn’t everyone use a towel for this?):


Antenna feedpoint:


Long wire antenna:


Kim’s experience just reinforces the mantra that you do NOT need a kilowatt and a 5 element beam at 200 feet to make contacts. Throw a wire out of the window and Get On The Air!

Thanks, Kim!

For those who have not yet found the officers on the webpage, here is the list:

President: Phil Sinnett, KD5UGO
President-Elect-VP: Harold Black, W5IFN
Treasurer: Doug Forsyth, WX5DF
Secretary: Chris Pape, KE5JZN
Past President: Bill Lockett, AE5F
Director at Large: Bill Baker, WG5T (appointment)
Trustee: Peter Laws, N5UWY (appointment)
Assistant Trustee: Gary Skaggs, WB5ULK  (appointment)

Also, some of you have asked about the site I use personally to track real-time lightning data. That site can be found here:

Upcoming Hamfests within 250 miles

Link below lists all the ARRL-related hamfests within a 250 mile drive of Norman for about the next 5 months. Lots of good ones close to Norman.

As always…Nets, Links, Other Stuff in the link at the top AND in the sidebar. Have a great week!

73 de Gary, WB5ULK …_._

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